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Download WINFOKEYS (PL) Download WINFOKEYS (PL) You can know everything about your machine WINFOKEYS. Indeed, it can display its interface on the computer name, administrator rights, the user name. On your system, it can specify the current version, the name of the company that produced it.


key features

WINFOKEYS can display the product key, date of installation, the CD key to install it. And to top it all, it includes an option that gives you the ability to create a Winfokeys file that contains all the data. WINFOKEYS is effective. Indeed, it is able to recover the installation key of an inactive system either disk partition. To go further, you can even find that a remote system. With WINFOKEYS, you can view information from any machine since you can take it wherever you go. It requires no installation procedure, you just carry it in a USB stick.


This is a freeware. Help is integrated in the program for more information on its use.

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