Supplementary Allowance Disability, 2017 (ASI)

The monthly and annual amounts of 2 017 additional disability allowance are. With the updated figures of the last increase 1 April 2017.

Amount of UPS

  • Single person: 405.38 euros per month or 4 864.57 per year.
  • Two beneficiaries of the UPS: 668.94 euros per month or 8 027.28 per year.

These are maximum amounts. They can be reduced to a certain level of income (see below).

UPS resource ceilings

Amount of income limits to receive the full amount of the allowance:
  • Single person: 3 593.20 annual euros (€ 299.43 per month).
  • Torque: 6 787.10 annual euros (€ 565.59 per month).

Amount of maximum income limits to receive a differential allowance:
  • Single: 8 457.76 per year.
  • Two people: 14 814.39 per year.

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