survivor’s pension of a civil servant: who and how

The reversionary pension paid to the spouse following the death of an employee is calculated based on specific criteria. What to know about the rules for well determine the amount.
survivor's pension of a civil servant: who and how


The survivor's pension is a pension affected by the spouse or former spouse of the deceased. It is equal to a percentage of the amount of the pension that the deceased official was receiving before his death. If the staff was still working, reversionary pension is calculated from the pension the deceased would have received if he had reached retirement.


The recipient must have been married to the deceased.
It must also meet one of the following conditions:

  • have had at least one child of the marriage;
  • the marriage must have lasted at least 4 years;
  • the marriage must have been celebrated at least 2 years prior to the retirement of the deceased;
  • the deceased in receipt of a disability pension and the wedding date is prior to the event causing his retirement.

The same conditions apply to the divorced former spouse who has not remarried. If you are a former spouse and you have remarried before death, should your new union ceased and you have not acquired other survivors' pension rights under this new marriage. Moreover, the right to survivor's pension must not have been opened for the benefit of another spouse or orphan.

Resource Limits

There are no income limits in order to touch an official survivor's pension.
However, if your resources - pension reversion included - are less than the amount of the Aspa (eg minimum pension), you are entitled to a pension supplement to reach this amount.


To receive a survivor's pension, it is mandatory to have been married to the deceased. Therefore, you can not touch this pension if you were simply cohabiting or joined in a civil union.


The amount of the survivor pension paid after the death of an employee is 50% of the basic retirement pension which he enjoyed and which he could have received if he had reached retirement.

The amount of pension to which that rate applies, see the calculation of the retirement of an official.


If necessary, you may benefit more:

  • a child increase equal to half of the increase for children of the basic pension of the deceased employee;
  • an increase equal to half of the disability pension may be affected by the deceased.


If the deceased was married several times, the survivor's pension to be shared between you and other partners. The amount you receive will be calculated in proportion to the duration of your respective marriages.


You lose the benefit of the survivor's pension if, after the death of the official, you remarry, you pacsez you live in concubinage. But you can ask to touch her again if you break your new union.


The survivor's pension application is made using a form. The organization to which to apply depends on whether the deceased was a civil servant, a territorial officer or a hospital official.


If the deceased was still a state official in active, you must complete the cerfa No. 12231 * 03. If the deceased was retired, you must complete the cerfa No. 11979 * 05.

Territorial or hospital

The forms are not the same if the deceased was or territorial hospital official. If the deceased was retired, you should contact the National Fund for pensions of local government workers (CNRACL). If he was still in business, you must apply for your pension through the employer community.


The surviving spouse of a deceased employee may also receive a survivor's pension on the basis of rights acquired by the deceased in the additional pension plan for the Public Service (ACM). reversion rate is 50%. The pension can be obtained regardless of age. Children under 21 can also receive a survivor's pension RAFP.

Reversion request RAFP be the same time as the basic plan. It is part of the application forms Service pension of state or CNRACL.

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