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|share your opinionPublisher:Apache Foundation version:4.1.4 (latest version) Open Office Download Download Freeware (132.43 MB) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, French other systems
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Download OpenOffice (FR) Download OpenOffice (ES) Download OpenOffice (DE) Download OpenOffice (IT) Download OpenOffice (PT) Download OpenOffice (NL) Download OpenOffice (PL) Download OpenOffice (HI) Download OpenOffice (ID) Download OpenOffice (ID) Apache OpenOffice is a free office suite aimed to replace the pay-suites market. This is an office suite providing functions close to those of Microsoft Office (spreadsheet, word processing, presentation software, etc.). The word processing tool called "Writer" is for example able to display multiple pages simultaneously. It can also create and edit diagrams. There was also an improvement in the illustrations. Similarly, the spreadsheet Apache OpenOffice supports more than 1,000 columns and that, per sheet. Of course, other tools such as the presentation, or the database are also present. A difference from Microsoft Office is also recognized in the interface.

Open OfficeApache OpenOffice offers a new, more user-friendly interface with new icons, a zoom control located in the taskbar, or a text annotation system. In addition to the interface, it is also compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office if there is construction on it that need to be exported to the OpenOffice suite. OpenOffice has a tool to correct the spelling on the fly, except that it is not enabled by default because you have to install a dictionary. See the next page to install a dictionary in Open Office. With OpenOffice Draw you can create designs in vector format, to integrate in its documents or presentations. OpenOffice offers a DBMS (database management system) called integrated OpenOffice Base. This represents a serious alternative to Microsoft Access. Fast charging office tools also characterizes this suite. There is also to be noted that the program also supports OpenXML documents. What makes it even more convenient.

Open Office

OpenOffice is composed of several components: OpenOffice Writer is treating text of the Open Office suite, which is undoubtedly the most used component. Real alternative to Microsoft Word, you can create text documents and put them in page.

OpenOffice Calc is the spreadsheet of the office suite, like Microsoft Excel Microsoft Office. Can manage folders containing up to 1024 columns, it has all the features that make a reference spreadsheet: Macros, sorting, processing and analyzing data, creating charts.

Open Office Impress will refer to slideshow software, for creating graphical presentations, for professional use or not. Its equivalent in Microsoft Office is Microsoft Powerpoint.

Open Office

A true database management tools, OpenOffice Base is an interesting alternative to Microsoft Access, which he incorporates the main operation.

Open Office

OpenOffice Draw is a vector drawing software to easily create diagrams or graphics in vector format, can be included in one of the other components (Writer, Calc, Impress, etc.).

Open Office

Very sharp, Open Office Math allows fans to create mathematical complex mathematical formulas, in particular in order to use them in other modules.


OpenOffice is completely free because it is an open source project (free). The following Apache OpenOffice is particularly powerful and is comparable to Microsoft Office, either at application startup or when opening a file. OpenOffice supports multiple languages ​​including French. This is the latest version of Open Office.

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Note : Following the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, Libre Office was launched to become a completely free alternative to OpenOffice.


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OpenOffice is also available for Mac and Mobile.

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