specific solidarity allowance (ASS): amount of SSA 2017

specific solidarity allowance (ASS): amount of SSA 2017

The specific solidarity allowance (ASS) may be paid to the unemployed at the end of rights. How to apply for and obtain SSA 2017. conditions, formalities and amount.


The specific solidarity allowance is a subsidy from the employment center for the unemployed whose rights the allocation of return to employment (ARE) are terminated. Job seekers must meet several conditions to reach SSA.


In some cases, the amount of which AER right to a job applicant may be lower than the SSA. The unemployed person may request to receive SSA instead of the AER.

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Amounts of SSA

Daily allowance

The amount of the SSA has been increased very slightly since April 2017, with an increase of 5 cents per day. Here are the currently applicable figures.

  • Daily allowance : 16,32 euros.


The amount of the specific solidarity allowance was increased on 1 April 2017 (following the Decree No. 2017-1022 of 10 May 2017). A priori, the next increase should occur only after April 1, 2018. The amount of SSA in 2017 should remain the same until at least that date.

Per month

The monthly amount is equal to the daily amount multiplied by the number of calendar days in the reporting month, a monthly amount of SSA equal to 489.60 euros for a 30-day month.

full rate and reduced rate

Beneficiaries may receive an allowance at the full rate or reduced rate according to the amount of resources (see the income limits listed below).

Christmas bonus

The specific solidarity allowance also gives entitlement to the Christmas bonus paid by employment center in the month of December.


When you qualify for this allowance, payment of SSA is performed by employment center every month. Payment may however be stopped in certain situations. This is particularly the case if you exceed the SSA resource ceilings or if you perceive AJPP the CLCA or accompanying allocation of a person in later life.


Several conditions are required to receive SSA. The unemployed must meet the following criteria.

  • Being effective job search,
  • Justify 5 years of paid work in the 10 years preceding the end of the employment contract,
  • Do not exceed the SSA income ceiling.

Resource Limits

The resources taken into account are equal to 1 / 12th of the total resources subject to income tax (including SSA).

are not taken into account:

  • Unemployment benefits,
  • Housing allowances and family benefits,
  • mandatory workplace training allowances.

full rate

Resource ceiling to the full rate:

  • Single: 652.80 euros
  • Couple: 1 305,60 EUR

partial rate

The amount of SSA is reduced when the beneficiary's resources are included:

  • between 652.80 and € 1 142,41 euros per month for a single person, the amount of SSA is then fixed at 1 142,41 euro less the amount of its resources,
  • between 1 305,60 and € 1 795.20 euros per month for a couple, the amount of SSA is then set at 1 795.20 euros less the amount of resources.


The steps are performed with employment center. It's employment center that sends you directly the forms necessary for the creation of your SSA application package to the end of your benefit period AER.


SSA is assigned by six months.

If he continues to fulfill the conditions, the beneficiary must submit a request for renewal at the end of each six-month period.

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