Windows 8 – Start Menu

This tip is for people who are still struggling with Windows 8 and strongly regret the start menu ... More allows you to reinstall a start menu!

Windows 8 - Start Menu

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Manual Installation of the start menu

This method only adds a folder "Start menu" and does not change how to use Windows 8 and can continue to juggle between office and home
  • Click the task bar with the right mouse button;
  • Choose the option Toolbar ;
  • then select New Toolbar ...

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • Go in the disk containing Windows (C in general) then ProgramData then Windows
  • Select the file without opening it Start menu
  • Click below on Select Folder

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • And now you have your Start menu in your taskbar! Click the two >> to the right of the Start menu to use it!

Windows 8 - Start Menu

Classic Shell

This software can restore the Start menu as you know Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista ...

You can uninstall this software by simply going into your control panel as you would with other programs.
  • Download Classic Shell from this link and save the file

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • Run the downloaded file

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • Accept the Terms of Use

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • The following menu allows you to choose what you want to install. For most users, touch nothing and simply click Next (Next)

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • The software is now installed! Click Finish

Windows 8 - Start Menu

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • As you can see a Start Menu button appeared! Click it, select from the 3 proposed presentations and click OK and here is configured!

Note: you can choose the All setting option to adjust the many parameters available, and you can make a backup before editing via the Backup box.
Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • Confirm the change

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • This is to complete the installation click Finish

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • You can use your new start menu! The novelty compared to previous versions of Windows is the appearance of the Applications menu that corresponds to the reception of Windows 8!

Windows 8 - Start Menu
  • As you can see, by going down to the left or by clicking on the Windows key on your keyboard, the home of the Windows 8 no longer appears and is replaced by the start menu. No worries applications of former Home windows still exists. To get there:

- Via the Start menu select Applications option and you will find all your tiles!

- Via the charm bar otherwise (you go to the right instead of the bottom left).
Windows 8 - Start Menu

Open the Charm bar and click Home to find your tiles

Windows 8 - Start Menu

alternative software

Start 8

This software is very effective and can restore a task bar but is chargeable.
  • Official site

Windows 8 - Start Menu


This software is free and also restores a Start menu
Windows 8 - Start Menu


This software can be downloaded here, will restore a task bar is customizable, it is a free version and a paid version.

Examples of Start menu with 8StartButton:Windows 8 - Start MenuWindows 8 - Start MenuWindows 8 - Start Menu


  • Website here

Future versions of Windows

Wait for the next update of Windows 8.1 held on 17.10.2013 restoring the Start menu?

  • Article TLC
  • Second Article TLC
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  • Fourth Article TLC

Failed to version 8.1, it was not until Windows 10

The Start Menu 8.1 is an incomplete substitute. It will COUNTER on Windows 10, which debunks the tiled pavement, to deliver a start menu that combines the two solutions.

Windows 8 - Start Menu
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