proof of accommodation – Sample Letter

proof of accommodation - Sample Letter

The proof of accommodation is a letter written to justify that you host in your home a friend, a child, a parent ... living in your home. To help you write, you can use the following free model.


The hosting declaration is a document often required in practice. It may indeed allow a hosted person to perform many administrative steps (when opening a bank account, gray card application or renewal of an identity card for example) and, if appropriate, assert their rights, especially when proof of address will be claimed him.
Know that hosting a major child may also be eligible for a tax benefit.

The proof of accommodation in the form of a simple letter on plain paper in which the author certifies that a person resides in his home. It must include the date and signature.

In administrative practice, proof of accommodation can also be called "accommodation certificate" or "accommodation declaration". These denominations cover a single document type.

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The person writing the certificate of accommodation must attach to his letter proof of address in his name (water bill, gas or electricity, rent receipt, tax notices ...). It is also often necessary to provide a photocopy of his identity card to be attached to the certificate.

Typical example

Name Sender Name
No. Street
CP City

First Name receiver
No. Street
CP City

Subject: certificate of accommodation of Mr./Ms (specify name and surname of the person accommodated)

I, (e) (include name, surname) born (e) on (date) at (place), residing at (insert address), hereby confirm that (specify if sir, madam, miss and surname, name), born (e) on (date) at (place), currently resides in my home.

Done at (place) on (date)

proof of accommodation - Sample Letter hosting attestation model download (.doc format).

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