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|share your opinionPublisher:Thomas R. Stromberg version:1.3.1 (latest version) Namebench Download Download Freeware (1.12 MB) Linux, English Other languages
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Download Namebench (FR) Download Namebench (ES) Download Namebench (PT) Download Namebench (PT) An internet connection may prove to be slow due to the wrong choice of DNS server or to inappropriate settings. The software Namebench has been designed to optimize at best.


key Features

Analysis: This program was developed to perform a series of tests to identify and display the most powerful DNS servers. To do this, it is based on the history of the browsers used as the tspdump order.

Comparison: In addition to the servers, Namebench is also able to compare the speed of different web browsers them. This function allows to know precisely which of those installed on the computer is the fastest.

Reporting: After making scans, Namebench is able to indicate the result of the comparison between the available DNS. The report is exposed in the form of graphs and the most efficient server will be placed above the other.

Optimization: Via this account, the user can speed up the connection to the web. It is sufficient to choose the best configuration provided following the analysis. This requires that inserts the data into the fields dedicated to this.


The utility Namebench is a free download.


Some computer knowledge is required to understand the operation of this program.

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