nationality certificate request procedure and formalities

A certificate of French nationality may be required for administrative procedures. Issued free of charge, this official document can prove that you have French nationality. Here's how to get it.


The French nationality certificate is an official document Publisher French nationality of a person. It is issued by the chief clerk of the competent court in matters of nationality. It is proof of French nationality and is authentic until proven otherwise.

In practice, this document may notably be requested if you make a first identity card application or passport or if candidacy for a position in the public service.

Which address

The competent body to which it should apply varies according to the personal circumstances of the applicant.

If one lives in France, he will address the district court of the place of residence. For the inhabitants of Paris, it is the Pole of French nationality that should be addressed.

If the applicant resides abroad, he should contact either the district court of his place of birth if born in France, or the nationality of Service and French born outside France if was born abroad.

In principle, the steps can be completed by mail but should contact the appropriate agency to be sure.

Documents required

Different rooms can be requested depending on the personal circumstances of the applicant and the organization to which he addresses his request. It should check with the relevant department (in person, by phone or Internet) to obtain the list of documents to be included in your file.

In any case, remember that the administration will ask you at least provide proof of identity, proof of address and a complete copy of your birth certificate.


When the file is complete, it is the chief clerk of the district court's responsibility to issue the certificate of nationality. This discount is free: it is subject to the payment of any charges.
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