How to film with a webcam?

How to film with a webcam?

To shoot with her computer

The webcam is not only used to discuss firsthand Skype, far from it! You can absolutely save a message or a small movie that you can then distribute. How? It explains everything you below!

Filming with free software

Often the drivers you install on your computer to run your webcam incorporate a small program that lets you shoot through your webcam. They can certainly be rudimentary, but you can remove a correct result, depending on your use!
You can also choose to record your video with Windows Movie Maker, by choosing the "capture video from the device." You can then perform an installation from the recorded sequence.

On Mac, iMovie can also support the recording of a video from a webcam. Beware though, all the models are not compatible with iMovie. In all cases, be sure to set the parameters of your webcam (brightness, sharpness, etc.) to have the cleanest image possible.

Filming with commercial software

Some commercial software, are cut "customized" to record a movie with a webcam. Among them, WebcamMax, which allows to add effects in real time. Otherwise Quickcam course remains the reference in the field: easy to use, it has the advantage of being also very effective! The license is also cheaper than WebcamMax!

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Mount a video with Windows Movie Maker
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