The Civis contract

Any young sixteen to twenty-five years of age with special difficulties of social and professional integration may apply for personalized support in the form of an integration contract in the social life concluded with the State (Civis).


The integration contract in the social life (Civis) is for young people aged 16 to 25 years of age who meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • or have a lower level of qualification or equivalent to the general baccalaureate, technological or vocational
  • either have been registered with Pôle Emploi at least twelve months in the last 18 months.

Training period

The first period, lasting three months, is intended to remove the obstacles that support this type of public, including through initiatives leading to qualifications, more specific action in cases of particular difficulty, aid in search of jobs, etc. Including, in some cases, action against illiteracy.

Contract Specifications

The Civis is signed for a period of one year between the young and the state, represented by the local or PAIO mission. It details the measures to implement and specify the nature of the contacts between the youth and the local mission or PAIO.

It can be renewed for a maximum period of one year when the goal employability is not reached.

The CIVIS can also be renewed for successive periods of one year, until the realization of the vocational integration project for young people without education (no degree or have extended their studies until the end of the first year of CAP or BEP).

The end of Civis

The Civis ends in all cases:

  • at the end of the trial period leading to employment lasting at least six months
  • six months after the beneficiary has created or taken-employed
  • when the beneficiary reaches its 26th anniversary.

Amount of aid

Once it is over 18 and it receives no remuneration or allowance, the young beneficiary Civis receives a specific allocation for the duration of the contract, to a maximum of 1800 euros per year and 450 euros per month.

The amount of the allowance is fixed by the representative of the local mission for social inclusion, taking into account the personal situation of the beneficiary.
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