Certificate of transfer of a vehicle (Cerfa 15776 * 01 Version 2017)

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Certificate of transfer of a vehicle (Cerfa 15776 * 01 Version 2017)

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The transfer certificate form and selling a vehicle (cerfa 15776 * 01), used in 2017, is a free download here as a PDF file. Here's how to fill out and complete.

The certificate of sale, which takes the form of a cerfa form (see What is a cerfa) to fill, serves as proof to the administration to prove the sale of a vehicle. You can access the form at the prefecture but also on the internet. The transfer certificate available here for download can be used to make your steps.

After printing the blank document, certificate of transfer and sale to be completed by the previous owner of the vehicle can be signed by him and the buyer, and 2 copies::

  • one is given to the buyer;
  • the other is kept by the seller.

If several people are co-owners of the vehicle, each of them must sign the certificate of transfer.

Warning: if you are the seller of the used vehicle, you must not send your assignment declaration to the prefecture. This formality is mandatory now online on the internet.

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To complete the fields on the characteristics of the vehicle, help you gray card containing key information about the vehicle (v variant type National Gender, trade name ...). If this is the old model, get yourself a table set (available online) between the names of the required fields (E, D1, D3 ...) and those on older model registration. For more information on the different fields to fill in the form, you can also consult the card how to read a gray card.

For more information on the formalities when completing the form, how complete the declaration of sale of a vehicle.

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15776 The form is not the only document providing at the time of sale of the vehicle. The documents required to sell a car include a non-pledge certificate and proof of a technical inspection under 6 months provide the purchaser.

This list is about car sales. If the transfer involves a two-wheeler, you should consult your obligations in case of sale of a used bike.

When making an application online registration card, the buyer of the used car will also inform the vehicle transfer code. This is communicated by the former owner, who receives it when he says the sale of the old vehicle online (online sale of declaration).

The seller must also provide the old gray map to the new owner at the time of sale. Previously, there has to be marked "sold the" or "ceded" with the date and time of the sale, follow signature.


If you are the seller, remember to keep your certificate of transfer. It may especially be your proof if you were to get a ticket related to the vehicle after selling it. The certificate of sale will allow you to prove that you were not the owner of the vehicle at the time. This is particularly the case if you dispute a fine after a flash of a speed camera.

In all cases, sell his car can not be improvised ... prior to the sale, it is better to read our tips on how to sell a car to a particular (price, announced on sale ...) .

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