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ENNLPL November 2017

Active Directory Overview

active Directory is the name of Microsoft's directory service appeared in the
Microsoft Windows operating system Server 2000 Directory Services active Directory
is based on standard TCP / IP:
DNS, LDAP, Kerberos, etc.

The Active Directory directory service must be understood in the broad sense, that is to say
Active Directory is a directory that references those
(Name, phone number, etc.) but also
any kind of object, servers, printers, applications, databases, etc.

Features for Active Directory

Active Directory allows to identify all information about the
network, whether they are users, machines or applications. Active Directory is
and the central hub of the whole network architecture and is intended to enable
find a user and access any resource
identified by this service.

Active Directory is thus a tool for users but in
since it allows an overall representation of all resources and rights
it is also associated with an administration tool and network management.
It provides the title of tools
to manage the distribution of the directory on the network,
its duplication, security and partitioning the corporate directory.

Active Directory structure allows it to manage such
Centralized networks ranging from a few computers to networks
business spread across multiple sites.

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