Boiler maintenance: rent or own?

Boiler maintenance: rent or own?

Annual maintenance of a boiler is an obligation in principle to the tenant. Update on the applicable regulations.

The main risk to non-maintenance of a boiler is a carbon monoxide poisoning, an invisible, odorless gas that can cause death. It is mainly for this reason that the regulation imposes the obligation of maintenance.


The maintenance of the boiler must be performed annually. If replacement boiler, the one-year period starting point is fixed at the date of change of aircraft.

This maintenance obligation rests with the occupant. This results in several consequences.

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When the tenant rents accommodation equipped with heating, it is his responsibility to perform annual maintenance (as well as sweeping a chimney or installing a smoke detector mandatory). However, the lease agreement may provide that this requirement comes under the owner's responsibility.

Joint ownership and collective heating

In case of collective boiler maintenance must be performed by the owner or the trustee of the co-owners of the building.


The person in charge of maintenance should call a qualified professional. The owner can not require a company to the tenant. This can eventually reach an annual maintenance contract.


Maintenance includes checking the boiler and if necessary cleaning and adjustment, but also advice on the proper use of the device in place, possible improvements of all the heating and the possible interest of replacing it.


The cost of maintenance of a boiler can vary from simple to double depending on the type of device and the area where it is located (the price is more expensive in Paris). The applied rates are generally between 80 and 150 euros (price of labor and travel included).


Once the maintenance carried out, the professional who intervened must establish a certificate that gives the sponsor, at the latest within 15 days of his visit. The certificate must be kept by the occupant for a minimum period of two years.


The regulation does not provide for specific penalties for annual maintenance default. No fine is therefore applicable. However, if the tenant leaves the accommodation has not made this interview, the owner may retain the amount of the deposit.
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