Loss or theft of a driving license – Approaches and duplicate

What if your license has been lost or stolen. The procedures, price and formalities to know to obtain a duplicate and drive legally.
Loss or theft of a driving license - Approaches and duplicate


To lead despite the loss or theft of your license (and thus demonstrate that you do not drive without license), you must have in your possession a loss declaration receipt or theft that you can present to the forces of order in case of traffic control. This receipt is valid for two months, the time to get the duplicate of your permit from the prefecture.

If your license was stolen, this receipt is obtained by a theft report to the police or the gendarmerie from where occurred (e) theft.

If your license has been lost, you will get your receipt from the prefecture.

Request duplicate

You must in both cases contact your prefecture or your sub-prefecture to obtain a copy of your driver's license. This title will allow you to drive legally.

Before moving, check the prefecture website (or, failing that, by calling the phone) to know the terms and conditions. Some prefectures receive only by appointment, while others allow you to complete the formalities by mail or directly online.


The formalities are not free. The duplicate request will cost you 25 euros to be paid to the prefecture in the form of a stamp.

In some areas, you will additionally pay a regional tax on driving licenses.


The documents to accompany your application will be:

  • a photocopy of loss declaration receipt or theft of your license;
  • duplicate application forms and permit application completed in EU format (see below);
  • a photocopy of an identity document;
  • a photocopy of proof of address;
  • two passport photos;
  • a stamp of 25 euros which may be added an amount equal to the payment of a possible regional tax for the issuance of the license (this tax applicable in the following regions: Corsica, Limousin, Poitou-Charentes, La Reunion, Martinique and Guyana ).

Foreigners must also provide proof of residence in France (residence permit for example).

When you want to receive your license by mail, you must also enclose a stamped envelope to the recommended rate with acknowledgment reads your name and address.


Your application must include two forms, both downloadable online:

  • Form 14882 * cerfa license duplicate application 01;
  • Form cerfa 14948 * 01 or 06 cerfa allowed EU format request.

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