1% Housing and rent – Aid

November 2017

Action Housing provides several products to help tenants. There are different types, each having own qualifying conditions.

Loca-Pass advance and guarantee

Two products "Loca-Pass" used to help the tenant as part of its obligations of the owner vis-à-vis.
The Loca-Pass advance is to give the new tenant an interest free loan to finance the deposit required by the owner, within the limit of one month's rent and limited to an amount of 500 euros. The tenant can then reimburse this payment through the payment of monthly installments.
The guarantee Loca-Pass has a different purpose since it allows the tenant to obtain a surety from the Action Logement organizations. This guarantee covers 9 monthly payments at most, the monthly payment is capped at 2,000 euros. If the tenant fails, it must then reimburse, without interest, amounts paid in place within three years.

Finding housing

Subject to compliance with certain award criteria, a tenant looking for a home may use the offer of rental housing proposed by Action Housing. Via this, CIL search for him a place in the categories concerned by the offer. The organization does so as an intermediary placed between the tenant and the landlord.

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download this article (PDF