Prime activity: the simulator CAF

Prime activity: the simulator CAF

The amount of the premium segment is complex to calculate. It is intended for people over 18 who are gainfully employed and earn less than € 1,500 net per month. But the premium amount of activity varies by family situation and resources of the beneficiary.

Online Simulation

Given the complexity of the scales, better use the simulator CAF to find out if you are entitled to the premium business and to calculate the amount.

The simulator CAF gives an estimate of the premium, the final amount may vary slightly after definitive study of the file. This online service therefore only indicative, but gives a rough idea of ​​the amount you can earn.


Once displayed the simulator, you must:

  • specify whether you live in France;
  • mention your zip code and date of birth;
  • specify whether you own your home or housed free of charge;
  • mention, for the previous three months, the amount:
    • your housing benefit,
    • family benefits,
    • professional income.


An estimated amount is immediately communicated with a summary of the data transmitted. If you do not already receiving the RSA, you can leave your contact information and email address so that the Caf contacts you to apply for your online business premium.

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