The price of fame for Facebook

The price of fame for Facebook

Phenomenal. The success of Facebook is such that it is beginning to worry some observers.

(TLC) - In the 3rd quarter, Facebook has announced record sales exceeding 10 billion, up 47%. Such success is a sign of the omnipotence of the social network on the digital world. But this medal is also a setback. The attacks coming from all directions.

First, it is the American political sphere is concerned power of Facebook. The network is blamed in part for the misuse of Facebook ads by Russian pharmacies in the last presidential elections. Even if Mark Zuckerberg has been spared so far, some leaders have had to appear before Congress in Washington.

For American democracy, the shock was terrible as reported by our colleagues Figaro. It is now established that for a few hundred thousand dollars, 126 million US citizens received propaganda messages on the Facebook thread.

US lawmakers are threatening to vote stricter regulations to prevent such a scandal does not happen again. This is probably why Facebook decided to act on the subject. Recruitment 10,000 additional employees is already programmed to control the quality of political advertisements on the social network. The budget to eliminate questionable messages will jump by 50% this year.

The effort is probably essential if Facebook wants to continue to develop freely.

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