activate Windows

activate Windows

activate Windows

You have 30 days to activate your license (Official) Windows. Beyond that, you can not use this system and you can not as activate Windows.

Better to immediately get rid of this painful and unavoidable process but ultimately done quickly.

Two solutions present themselves to you:
  • Internet activation,
  • phone activation.

In both cases, Windows will prompt you to activate your license until it is done.

Activation by Internet

This is the simplest method.

  • Select the method by internet
  • Be guided. The system checks the validity of your license number and if it is not considered a pirated license, your license is automatically activated.

Activation by phone

This is usually chosen method:
  • for those who have no internet connection (it still exists)
  • for those who encounter a problem while trying to activate the internet (a configuration change or too relocations)
  • for those who have waited too long to activate Windows!

Warning ! Preferably use a fixed, non-mobile phone! The entrance to the installation number (see below) will be easier;)

  • Select By phone method,
  • Select your country, which will allow you to specify the number to call,
  • Dial the telephone number,
  • In the dialog window, you have a number of the facility, groups of figures in item 3, you need to dial the phone keypad,
  • The system checks the validity of your license in relation to the entry you just made,
  • Can you indicate groups of figures to enter the confirmation ID number,
  • When all the group IDs are entered correctly, you can validate the set and your license is now active.

Know that the telephone procedure you:
  • to reenter the number of the facility, group by group, in case of input error,
  • A replay of each ID number to enter.

To do this, listen carefully to the initial message telling you which key to use the telephone keypad in case of error or poor listening.

If the activation system rejects your request, this means that:
  • either entering the number of the installation on the phone keypad is incorrect,
  • or, your license is considered invalid, pirated.

How to call the activation process?

Two possibilities :
  • On the menu:
    • Start
    • All the programs
    • Accessories
    • system Tools
    • Click on Activate Windows
  • For command line:
    • Start
    • perform
    • oobe / msoobe / a

License considered pirated

If the activation system denies your license, and you are certain not to have made an input error (in the case of activation by phone):
  • return to the place of sale of your Windows license to require an original, or at worst a refund,
  • You can also contact Microsoft if you are sure of your rights on
    • Microsoft

You can also contact Microsoft to inform a piracy problem by going to:
  • Microsoft dedicated page (in English)

Reminder on the number of license usage per machine

Remember, despite the assertions of some, you can use your license number on a single machine at the same time.

Say you have already activated your license on a machine A, which allows you to benefit from updates. You ride a new machine B, and, just to make some money, you use this machine B the same license as the machine A.

You will perhaps achieve declare your new machine B. With a little luck!

You think you won? Nay! Sure, you can update the machine B but you will now be impossible to make any updates on machine A, which itself will then be considered a hacking Windows machine.

So few choices:
  • either buy a Windows license,
  • either install a GNU / Linux operating system, BSD or who themselves are free and not limiting.

On the network

  • Windows XP and activation
  • Microsoft FAQ
  • The product key used to install Windows is invalid
  • I use a pirated version of Windows

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