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VLC Portable

|share your opinionPublisher:Portable Apps version:2.2.6 (latest version) VLC Portable Download Download Freeware (28.52 MB) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, French other systems
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Download VLC Portable (EN) Download VLC Portable (ES) Download VLC Portable (DE) Download VLC Portable (IT) Download VLC Portable (PT) Download VLC Portable (HI) Download VLC Portable (HI) The VLC Media Player is a renowned software for playing media files. VLC Portable offers the same functionality as VLC Media Player, but in addition, it requires no installation.

VLC Portable

key features

VLC Portable is mainly used to play music files and video. It has the same features as the classic player. That said, he is able to play most audio and video file formats. In addition, it comes with all the necessary codecs. So there is no need to install other additional codecs for its operation. As mentioned above, the reader VLC Portable provides exactly the same functionality as VLC Media Player. The only difference is that this version is portable. In other words, it requires no installation. And as the name suggests, it can take anywhere this player. You just have to decompress the software on a single feature key USB.Cette optimizes playback of files. Thus, the picture and sound will look better. It should be emphasized that VLC is also equipped with a video file converter or audio, video and audio filters in real time, based on video streaming, and a multitude of settings that improve the image and sound.


The software is completely free and can read almost all video formats. This is the latest version.

other systems

VLC Portable also exists in the following systems: Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

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Alternative spelling:VideoLAN Client Portable VLC Portable VLC Player laptop, mobile VCL, mobile LCV, LVC portable VLCPortable_2.2.6.paf.exe download this article (PDF