Aid for recruitment of a senior: processes and conditions

Aid for recruitment of a senior: processes and conditions

Employers can get help 2,000 euros for every employee aged 45 or more hired professional contract.

This aid aims to promote employment of older workers. This type of employment allows them to gain a new qualification through training schemes followed in the professional contract.


The allocation of this aid is possible for all hires fulfilling the following conditions:

  • hiring is in the form of a professional contract;
  • the job seeker must be forty-five and older on the date of the beginning of the contract;
  • no redundancy should have taken place on the position filled by recruiting in the last 6 months prior to hiring;
  • the hired employee did not belong to the company's workforce over the last six months before the start date of the contract;
  • the employer must be current in its reporting and payment obligations in respect of collection agencies of contributions and social security contributions and unemployment insurance.

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The employer must apply to the employment center within 3 months of the contract start date (or that of publication of the decree for previous hires to it). It must provide a copy of the professional contract. If necessary, it must also include a copy of the decision of financial support for the joint organization licensed collector or, failing that, proof of deposit contract with this organization.

Amount and payment

The first installment takes place at the end of the third month from the date of execution of the professional contract (or the publication of the decree). Its amount is 1000 euro. The rest of the aid is paid at the end of the tenth month of implementation of the professional contract.

Within three months of each maturity, the employer must provide employment center a statement that the professional contract is still ongoing at the time of payment.

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