prison visiting room Application steps

prison visiting room Application steps

Before visiting a relative in prison, you must obtain a visitor's permit you need before making an appointment for a parlor. Focus on the process and procedures to be followed.

visit permit

The business license is an administrative document that allows a person to visit a detainee incarcerated in a penal institution. It is a registered document that can not be "loaned": each person must apply for a business permit to go to a parlor, including minors.

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Two situations must be distinguished.

If the prisoner has been tried and convicted, your request for a visit permit must be addressed to the head of the prison where the inmate is incarcerated.

If the detainee has not been tried and warned status, you must send your request to the investigating judge who took over the investigation file or prosecutor if the investigation is terminated. If the inmate has appealed his judgment, you must send your request to visit permit the Attorney General to the Court of Appeal.
For the name and contact information of the competent judge, you can contact the court or any lawyer of the detainee.

If, after the judgment, the detainee passes the status of defendant than condemned, you must reapply visit permits.


A request for a visit permit is sent via mail by sending a file containing several parts, namely:

  • a form to complete and specifying the purpose and the reasons for your request and the nature of the links you have with the prisoner (this document can be downloaded online, see below);
  • a double-sided photocopy of an identification document;
  • two recent passport photos;
  • a stamped envelope with your name and address;
  • if you are of the family of the detainee, you must also provide a photocopy proving your family ties (example: a family book, a copy of PACS or cohabiting certificate, etc.).


The form to fill out to apply for prison visitation is 13960 cerfa.
Download the parlor cerfa application form.

Judge's Decision

In most cases, the judge or the headteacher authorizes requests for visitor's permit. However, it may refuse in some situations, especially when this authorization may disrupt the security of the institution (a large number of items prohibited in prison entries being made by the parlor) or proper conduct of an investigation when the detainee has not been tried.

If approved, your business license must be removed to prison (unless the administration will send it to you by mail). The prison administration sets usually include a phone number to know the status of your application package.

Appointments and schedules

Once your license obtained visit, you can not go to jail anytime to visit your loved one. You have to contact the prison by telephone to make an appointment to the parlor. It is advised to take them well in advance, the time between making an appointment and the parlor sometimes up to several weeks.

The number of authorized weekly visits depends prisons. Those convicted have the right in all cases at least one visit per week. Defendants awaiting their judgments, in turn, allowed three weekly visits to a minimum.


To book a parlor at the prison of Fleury-Merogis once got your business license, you must call toll following from 7 17h: 0820,320,786
The days and time slots parlors to vary depending on the building in which the inmate is incarcerated (D1, D2, D3, D4 or D5 to the prison men).
The parlors of Fleury-Merogis take place in a small cabin individualized. It is advisable to relatives to arrive well in advance.
You can bring the machine to the inmate at the parlor. People who do not (yet) of business licenses can always bring the machine to the prisoner on his way to the main entrance of the prison at certain times. For more information, you can call the prison at


To request a parlor in Fresnes prison once your license obtained visit, you must call This number is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 am and 13:30 to 16h in the afternoon.
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