APL: amount and simulation PLA 2017

APL: amount and simulation PLA 2017

The individual housing or APL depends on the income and rent. How to calculate and apply for housing assistance from the CAF, after the last reform.

Rents ceilings chosen for the calculation of personalized assistance housing 2017 (APL) in the various French areas are shown in the following scale.

To apply for APL, you can access the application form online.

Download the APL application form


The amount of the PLA can not exceed a ceiling, the amount depends on your geographical area. These caps, the last update was in October 2017 (following a Decree of 28 September 2017), corresponding to the following schedule.

Family situationZone 1Zone 2Zone 3
one person295.05 €257.14 €241,00 €
Couple355.85 €314.74 €292.16 €
single or couples person with a dependent402.18 €354.17 €327.59 €
For additional person € 58.34 € 51.54 € 46.95

The zones are divided as such:
Zone 1: Ile de France
Zone 2: Areas of more than 100 000 + Corsica
Zone 3: All other cities

The minimum participation of the tenant is set at 35.02 euros.

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APL Simulator online

The figures above are the ceilings used to calculate APL. The exact amounts depend on APL's own personal situation of each applicant. The amount of the allowance depends on different criteria: level of resources, type of housing, rent amount, marital status, number of dependent children ... The income taken into account are those of the year N-2, so those of 2015 to a request made in 2017.
According to an announcement made September 17, 2017 by the Secretary of State for territorial cohesion, this rule will soon be modified. From 1 January 2019, it will now be income of the current year will be taken into account, and not those of the year N-2.

The amount of your APL is calculated on 1 January of each year. For an assessment of the amount of the PLA which you qualify, you can use an online calculator on the CAF website.
To accomplish your dealings with CAF, you can download the online application form APL.

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APL calculation rules are quite complex.

The base formula is as follows: APL = L + C-PP - 5 euros.
L: monthly rent paid principal included in the limit of the ceiling above.
C: flat rate charges
PP: personal participation of household in housing expenditure.

This personal involvement is itself calculated using the following formula: PP = P0 + Tp x Rp.
P0: minimum participation of the tenant (35.02 euros).
Tp: personal participation rate in percentage (%).
Rp difference between the resources of the recipient and a lump sum.


The calculation of the PLA stands now has the potential heritage of the recipient. See Heritage and APL.

Decline in APL

The Government has decided a reduction of 5 € per month housing assistance as of October and over a period of three months to December. At the same time, the PLA payment threshold - which is the amount below which no aid is paid - from 15 to 10 euros.

The Finance Bill 2018 also provides that the owners will not receive housing assistance from 1 January 2018.

For 2018, the device will be a study as part of a housing bill scheduled for fall 2017.

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