school year allowance (ARS)

school year allowance (ARS)

Only some parents of school children can touch the ARS for the school year 2017 - 2018. The stock of the conditions for payment of back to school allowance and the amounts applicable for the 2017 school year.

Parents who fulfill the following conditions may obtain payment of the ARS during the school year 2017. This aid does not take the form of vouchers for purchase of school supplies, but a transfer of some less than 400 euros made by Caf.



Paid by the family allowance fund (CAF), the school allowance is granted, subject to means testing (including the ceilings are available below), the parents of school children (elementary school students, college or high school , students and young apprentices) aged 6 to 18 years, that is to say, for the 2017-2018 school year, born between 16 September 1999 and 31 December 2011 inclusive. If the student is younger, he must already be enrolled in primary school (from CP class).


The aid is allocated for both enrollment in the public than in the private.
Children enrolled in CNED also qualify for the LRA.

However, the education of children in kindergarten does not provide the ARS. It is the same for children subject to a home education by their families.


Young apprentices under 18 years to September 16 may also qualify for the ARS, but only if their net monthly remuneration does not exceed a ceiling equal income as a percentage of the amount of the minimum wage, or 907.19 euros month.

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2017 income limits - 2018

The school allowance is paid in terms of resources. Household income taken into account by CAF should therefore not exceed certain thresholds.

income thresholds

The LRA resource ceilings for the 2017-2018 school year are the same as those applicable to the school year in September 2016. These limits are set to the following:

  • 1 child: 24 404 euros;
  • 2 children: 30 036 euros;
  • for 3 children: 35 668 euros.
  • + 5 632 euros per child and more.

The income taken into account by CAF are those of year N-2, so in 2015 for the 2017-2018 school year.

These are the net income categories must be taken into account, that is to say, income (wages but also real estate income, for example) less expenses (maintenance, for example) and tax breaks.

The FCA also considers tax deductions on certain income and special situations (unemployment, illness, etc.).


If you slightly exceed the applicable limits, it is possible to receive a differential allowance, the amount is decreasing. If you find yourself in this situation, you can contact your CAF to find out how you can possibly touch.

2017 school bonus

The amounts of the ARS 2017 were published by CAF in April 2017.

They are almost the same as those paid to the school year of 2016, since they have only slightly increased compared to last year (+ 0.3%).

Amounts shown are net amounts, ie those paid after deduction of the CRDS (0.5%).


The amount of ARS is defined depending on the age of the child, and not in his class. But the amount of the premium approach 400 euros in all cases, different amounts varying only a few dozen euros.

The amounts paid to parents in September 2017 classes are:

  • 364.09 euros for a child aged 6 to 10 years;
  • 384.17 euros for a child aged 11 to 14 years;
  • 397.49 euros for a child aged 15 to 18 years.

Payment Date

The dates of payment of the allowance for school by CAF also differ depending on the age of the child. Most parents have hit the ARS in the month of August (before the end of the summer holidays and the date of the school year), while others do not receive the bonus until September or even October (for declarations to the CAF the later).

According to the administration, the first payments of the allowance for school intervened from August 20, 2017, with in fact a period of one or more additional day (s) due to bank processing time.

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Application Procedure


The formalities for making a request ARS vary families.

When the family has already received aid, no particular formality is expected to be completed when school children are between 6 and 16 years. The mere fact of having declared his taxes should normally be sufficient to obtain payment of the ARS. Concerned parents therefore automatically get the payment of ARS in the month of August without making efforts.

For children aged 16 to 18 years, parents must however prove that their child is well educated (the school is no longer compulsory from 16 years in France). To do this, they previously had to send a tuition voucher or learning in their crate. It is now more necessary to wait receipt of this proof because, since September 2014, a simple sworn statement in which parents attest that their child of 16 or more is well educated enough. This declaration must be made to CAF. It can be made on its website since mid-July.

If the first request, families must, first, sending a "position statement for family benefits and housing subsidies" their family allowance fund or their agricultural social mutual fund (MSA). To do this, they can fill downloadable forms online on the Internet.

CAF form

In a first application of ARS, two forms should be sent to your family allowance fund. This is the form cerfa 11423 * 06 (position statement) and resource declaration form (cerfa 10397). These two documents will enable CAF to verify that you fulfill the conditions well to benefit from the LRA.


Day versions of both forms sent to the FCA can be downloaded for free online:
school year allowance (ARS) Download 11423 cerfa CAF position statement

school year allowance (ARS) Download 10397 cerfa cif resource statement.


If you make your dealings with the agricultural mutual (MSA), you must complete the MSA status declaration form.

other aid

In addition to the ARS, parents can receive additional aid during this school year. Their nature depends on whether the child is enrolled in primary school, college or high school.

In addition to any paid scholarships, school allowance can naturally be combined with family allowances (see their amounts).

Primary school

When the child is enrolled in an elementary school, some parents may obtain, under certain conditions, an attendance scholarship in some departments as soon as the child's school is located more than 3 km from his home.

Some cities also provide for the payment of municipal scholarship for children enrolled in schools in the municipality. You must inquire at the town hall to see if you can get it.

Middle School

If child attending college, parents are entitled, under certain conditions, to a college scholarship (see amounts) as well as a possible aid in the region, the department, the college student or the social fund social fund for canteens.

High school

When the child is in high school, families can, when they meet the criteria for obtaining, claim payment of a college scholarship (including payment conditions have changed since September 2016 classes) of a schoolboy using social fund and the social fund for canteens, as well as a merit scholarship or adaptive teaching fellowship.


The LRA is not imposed. You do not need to indicate on your tax return.


The LRA is exempt from CSG. However, it is subject to the CRDS which is applied before the payment of "net ARS" beneficiaries.

Child welfare

Since September 2016, the allowance for school due to a child in social assistance is not paid to the family. It is now placed on an account managed by the Caisse des Dépôts. The amount collected will be released by the child from his 18 years.
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