Disable Ctfmon.exe at startup

Disable Ctfmon.exe at startupThe process ctfmon.exe is a Windows generic process for managing alternative text entry inputs such as voice recognition software, handwriting recognition software, braille keyboards or any alternative to the keyboard.
Obviously the ctfmon.exe process is essential if we take different languages, or if any of the above mentioned features is used. Otherwise, this process is not necessary.

Ctfmon.exe is the file manager control technology "additional user input modes". He began calling the "Language bar" (Via the system tray), and also starts each time Windows starts, continuing to run in the background, an Office XP program has been started or not.
You have probably understood, disable this process will have no effect, it will be continually in the task manager, as well as startup items via "MSConfig".

Disable advanced text services

Here's a solution that will stop the Ctfmon.exe process to launch at startup.
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click Regional Options, date, time and language.
  • Then click Regional and Language Options.
  • Click on the Languages ​​tab and click Details.
  • Then click the Advanced tab.
  • Under System Configuration, tick off advanced text services.
  • Apply and confirm with OK.

Disable Ctfmon.exe at startup

After stopping the advanced text services, simply disable (one last time) launch the process Ctfmon.exe at startup.

Disable Ctfmon.exe at startup

  • Open the System Configuration utility (Start > perform > Enter msconfig)
  • Click on the Startup tab.
  • Uncheck the startup item matching Ctfmon.
  • Apply and confirm with OK.
  • Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Disable Ctfmon.exe at startup

Upon restart, a warning message will inform the change starts. Suffice it to check "Do not show this message again"Then validate by "OK".
Now the Ctfmon.exe process will not launch. He will be out of Task Manager process, and will be, once and for all, disabled startup items.

Further information

  • If you are users of the Microsoft Office suite, it will disable the feature "additional user input modes" from the Office Setup.
    • Set State "Not available" in relation to the component "Alternative User Input".
    • Please visit Microsoft Support.
    • Then carefully perform step 1.
  • It is not recommended to manually complete the Ctfmon.exe process from the task manager (obviously, he will return). If you want to stop this process and disappear startup items, it is recommended to follow the procedure described above.
  • If you want to revive the Ctfmon.exe process, simply reactivate the option of advanced text services, by unchecking "Turn off advanced text services"And then reactivate the process "ctfmon" since the MSConfig startup items.

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