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CommView for WiFi

|share your opinionPublisher:TamoSoft Ltd. version:7.0 CommView for WiFi Download Download Freeware (45.82 MB) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, English Other languages
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Download CommView for WiFi (FR) Download CommView for WiFi (FR) CommView for WiFi is a powerful network utility designed to monitor networks without son. It displays all the information needed to identify network problems.

CommView for WiFi

key features

The tool starts a scan to detect WiFi networks and IP addresses. It analyzes the various packages available and provides all the important information such as access points, signal strength and protocol distributions. The content of the files sent can be displayed to secure the network. Alarms can be configured to prevent the breaches as suspicious packets, an abnormal increase in the use of bandwidth or unknown addresses. The peculiarity of the album is its ability to be compatible with other wireless network analysis software. The user can analyze the data packets on Sniffer EtherPeek, AiroPeek or tcpdump. Of course, the data on this software can be analyzed by CommView for WiFi.


It provides the ability to capture packets MDU-A and A-MSDU. Access points can be simulated.


The software does not have a French translation. This is a trial version.

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