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USESOFENITBR November 2017

What is a wireless network

A Wireless Network (in English wireless network) Is, as its name suggests,a network in which at least two terminals (laptop, PDA, etc.) may communicate without wired connection.

With wireless networking, a user can stayconnected while moving in a geographic areamore or less extensive, is why sometimes we hear about "mobility".

Nota BeneNote regarding the spelling of wireless networks:
Despite the use of "wireless"Commonly accepted exact spellings are "Wireless" and "Wireless"There is talk of "wireless" or "wireless".

Wireless networks are based on a connection using wavesradio-electrical (radio and infrared) instead of normal cables. There are several technologiesdistinguished firstly by the transmission frequency used and therate and transmission range.

Wireless networks are used to connect very easilyremote equipment of ten meters to several kilometers. Furthermoreinstalling such networks does not require heavy arrangements of existing infrastructureas is the case with the wired networks (trenching for routing cables,equipment wiring in buildings, ducts and connectors), which earned arapid development of such technologies.

In return there is the problem of the regulation of radio-electric transmissions.Indeed, the radio-electric transmissions are used for many applications (military, scientific, fans, ...)but are susceptible to interference, that is why regulation is needed in each country to definethe frequency ranges and powers to which it is possible to issue in each classuse.

More radio waves are difficult to confine within a geographical arearestricted, so it's easy for a hacker to listen to the networkif the information flows in clear (the default). It is therefore necessary to implementthe necessary arrangements so as to ensure data privacyflowing over wireless networks.

Wireless networks categories

There are usually multiple wireless networks of categories according to thegeographical area offering connectivity (called zonedcover):


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