Ombudsman of Justice – Definition and wages

The mediator of justice is a professional whose intervention may resolve a dispute remuneration.


The mediator of Justice is an independent and qualified professional appointed by the judge to implement a judicial mediation. During a dispute, the court may at any time propose to the parties an amicable resolution of their conflict by resorting to a mediator of justice. The objective of this intervention is to enable people in conflict to reach an agreement to settle the dispute between them. As such, the judicial mediator usually trained in law and humanities.


The intervention of the mediator of justice is not free (unlike that of the conciliator, with whom the mediator should not be confused). He is paid by the parties. The amount of remuneration is determined by the judge at the end of the mediation.

The amount of the Ombudsman's salary is very variable as it depends on the characteristics of the case: the amount of money involved, incomes of the parties ... count a few hundred euros on average. His compensation may nevertheless be supported by the state if one party granted legal aid.

family mediation

The mediator of Justice may intervene in particular on family-related conflicts. This is for example the case when a couple separates without finding agreement on the consequences of failure (property division, parental control ...).
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