starting one month notice (rental) – Model

starting one month notice (rental) - Model

In case of notice of termination reduced to one month, the notice letter to your landlord must include certain mandatory information to be valid.

Legal rules

Article 12 of Law No. 89-462 of 6 July 1989 authorizes the tenant to move out on the date he wishes, provided you follow a starting 3 months notice. However, the tenant receives notice reduced to 1 month when in certain situations.

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The tenant is entitled to one month's notice when his professional situation warrants. This is the case of dismissal, the end of fixed term contract, the contractual termination or job transfer. It is the same in case of first employment (permanent or temporary) or when the tenant finds a new job after a job loss.

However, this procedure is not for people who change jobs after resigning.

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tension zone

Tenants of housing located in tense area are also entitled to a notice period reduced to one month, and this regardless of the date of signature of their lease (see notice tension zone and Alur law).

Other cases

Also affected by this notice period reduces people whose health condition warrants a change of housing and people receiving RSA. In some cases, tenants of a public housing can also benefit from the shortened period.

The beneficiaries of AAH (adult disability allowance) can also benefit from the reduction in the notice period to one month.


The reason must be stated in your letter to the landlord.


You must attach to your mail a receipt proving that you are indeed in a case of reduced notice required by law. It can for example be a redundancy certificate provided by the former employer or a copy of the decree listing the towns in tension zone.

sending form

Your letter must be sent by mail sent by registered mail with return receipt. You can also hand deliver against annotating or receipt. However, do not just send a letter by email or ordinary mail.

Example of mail

Name Sender Name
No. Street
CP City

First Name receiver
No. Street
CP City

Subject: Notice of departure housing

Hereby I inform you of my decision to leave the accommodation I have held since (specify date) located (specify the address).

This departure is linked to the loss of my job (or one of the other grounds for the notice of one month). You will find enclosed (nature of the proof in the pattern of reduced notice).
Under Article 15 of the Act of 6 July 1989, so I will respect a notice period of one month from the date of receipt of this letter.

I will contact you to arrange an appointment together to establish the state of fixtures.

Yours sincerely

A (place) on (date)

Last name First Name

You can also directly download the letter template as a Word file:

starting one month notice (rental) - Model Download leave with notice reduced to 1 month (.doc format).

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