Young driver and BAC: what limit

Young driver and BAC: what limit

What is the level of alcohol permitted for a young driver? The limit of 0.5 g per liter of blood-reduced?


Before the end of June 2015, the Highway Code does not provide for differences between the alcohol level allowed for drivers probationary license and others. But the Interior Ministry has decided to lower the blood alcohol limit allowed of 0.5 g to 0.2 g per liter for young drivers (Decree No. 2015-743 of 24 June 2015 on the fight against road accidents). For the candidate who just obtained his driver's license, the new reduced rate therefore applies for the duration of the probationary license, 3 years (2 years if the permit was obtained following a solo driver training).

This new rate of 0.2 g is the same as that already applicable to the driver of a public transportation vehicle.

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In fact, the decline of the authorized rate results in a prohibition on consuming any alcoholic drink before driving for young drivers. This ceiling may indeed be exceeded from the first drink (unlike at 0.5 g / l, which corresponds to consumption"approximately two drinks). The rate of 0.2 g in fact corresponds to the margin of error normally accepted, particularly if the driver has eaten food containing alcohol before driving.

An alcohol content in the blood of 0.2 g per liter corresponds to an alcohol concentration in the exhaled air of 0.10 milligrams per liter.
Since 2013, every driver also has the obligation to hold a breathalyzer in his vehicle.

Date of entry into force

The lowering of the permitted blood alcohol level for young license is in force since June 28, 2015 (the day after the publication of Decree No. 2015-743).

This is one of the measures contained in the action plan of the Ministry in terms of road safety. It is accompanied by 25 other measures including notably include the prohibition of the atria driving. The ban on tinted glass also came into force on 1 January 2017.


If control beyond the permitted rate, the driver commits an offense leading to a withdrawal of 6 points, the total number of points available to a driver in the year after obtaining his license (see sanctions driving while intoxicated).

A young driver can therefore directly lose his license when driving while intoxicated.
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