Points supplementary pension AGIRC ARRCO 2017 – 2018

Here are the values ​​of the supplementary pension ARRCO and AGIRC point and the point of purchase prices in 2017 and 2018.
Points supplementary pension AGIRC ARRCO 2017 - 2018

The values ​​of Arrco point (supplementary pensions for all employees) and AGIRC (supplementary pensions for executives) are not modified in November 2017, the amounts in 2018 remain the same as in 2017. And at least until November 2018.

However, the purchase values ​​of Arrco point - Agirc were increased.


Regularly, Agirc and Arrco update:

  • the purchase value of the supplementary pension point;
  • the value of this point.

These two concepts should not be confused.

The point of the purchase price used to calculate the number of points acquired during the year. To see how many points were obtained over a year, apply the following formula:
Number of points gained = x contribution base rate of acquisition / purchase value of (or "reference salary").

The point value allows in turn to calculate the amount of his supplementary retirement pension through the following formula:
Amount of retirement = number of points x point value.

For more information, see how to calculate the additional pension and Arrco point - Agirc.

The value and the point of purchase prices are not the same for Arrco and Agirc.


  • Retirement Point 0.4352 euros ;
  • pension-point purchase price 2017: 5.6306.
  • pension-point purchase price in 2018: 5.8166.

The pension-point purchase point Agirc (base salary) in 2018 therefore increased compared to 2017.


  • Retirement Point 1.2513 euros ;
  • pension-point purchase price 2017: 16.1879 euros.
  • pension-point purchase price in 2018: 16.7226 euros.

This retirement point of purchase price Arcco (base salary) is also revised upwards compared to 2017.

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The advice of Eric Roig, founding director of droit-finances.net


The values ​​of the AGIRC and ARRCO pension points will remain the same until at least 1 November 2018, when their amounts should in theory be recycled. Because of too low inflation (1%), no increase in points is completed on 1 November 2017. This gel has been formalized through a circular Agirc - Arrco October 16, 2017.

However, the purchase price of the points increases of 3.3%. Specifically, increasing the purchase price means that, at the time of retirement, the employee will get less points for the same salary and the same contribution rate. This is to reduce expenses of ARRCO and AGIRC regimes.

For more information, see the latest information on the 2017 revaluation of pensions.

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