letter of intent for housing

A letter of intent must be sent to the owner before leaving rented accommodation. Here is a sample letter to send to the owner by registered mail with return receipt.

Article 12 of Law 89-462 of 6 July 1989 specifies that the tenant can move out at any time of the lease. However, it must respect a notice of termination of 3 months, except in cases of notice reduced to one month (especially when the unit is located in a stretched zone). In normal 3 months notice, the tenant leaves the apartment or rented house (e) does not need to give the reasons for his departure to his landlord. But it must necessarily notify him by mail.

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First Name receiver
No. Street
Code City Name Sender Name
No. Street
CP City

Subject: Notice of departure housing

With this letter I inform you of my departure housing located (specify the address) I have held since the (specify date).

Under Article 12 of the Law of 6 July 1989, I will respect a notice period of three months from the receipt of this letter.

I will contact you so that we agree on a date to establish the state of fixtures.

I am asking you to agree...

(Place) on (date)

letter of intent for housing Download notice letter template (.doc format).

All correspondence should be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, stating your name and address at the top left and the recipient below right, and if necessary the references of the file and the list of attachments.

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