Livret A – Interest Rates and ceiling in 2017

Livret A - Interest Rates and ceiling in 2017

What is the Livret A rate since August 2017? How can we pay a libretto A? Ceilings, filing thresholds and interest rates currently in effect.



Payments on the Livret A are now capped at 22 950 euros. The balance of the Livret A may exceed this ceiling as it is not given the vested interests.

Since each member of the tax household can open a Livret A, including minor children, a couple with two children and can place up to 4 x 22950 = 91 800 euros on the tax-free account. Besides the possibilities of accumulated savings books with LDD (formerly Codevi).


To open a Livret A, you must pay a minimum of 10 euros. This is also the minimum amount of deposit or cash withdrawal on the booklet A.

Rise and evolution

Under the Dutch Presidency, the Livret A ceiling has been increased twice. Once in October 2012, where the ceiling date set at 15 300 euros rose to 19 125 euros. A second increase took place on 1 January 2013, to a new ceiling of 22,950 euros.

There was no further increase in the ceiling for this latest rise, despite François Hollande's campaign promises to raise the ceiling to 30,600 euros.


Percentage of pay

The Livret A rate himself has suffered a gradual decline in recent years, reaching a low rate today. The booklet A pay rate is set at 0.75% since August 1, 2015.


Traditionally, the rate is reviewed twice a year, in February and August. But it has not changed since that date.

It will be the same throughout the year 2017. The government has announced on July 17 that the rate would be neither increased nor decreased this year. Not until the beginning of 2018 to see if the pay rate will change next year.


According to a statement from the government spokesman, Christophe Castaner, made September 13, 2017, the Executive would consider freezing the Livret A rate for another year or two. The percentage of 0.75% should therefore be retained for a prolonged period.


While the rate of remuneration of passbook may seem very low, which also pushes some investors to shun this means savings to go put their savings in life insurance or PEL, including pay rates are higher. But we must consider the fact that the Livret A is totally tax free and funds are available at any time. It is an excellent investment cash.

But do not forget to optimize your payments taking into account the value dates: savings is paid from the 15th or the 1st of the following month. Conclusion: feed your end of fifteen booklet and make your withdrawals on the 2nd or 16th of the month.

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