Christmas bonus in 2017

The Christmas bonus in 2017 will soon be announced. Who is entitled to this year? When will it be paid? The amounts, conditions and date of payment of the Christmas bonus from December 2017.
Christmas bonus in 2017


Every December since 1998, the French with few resources and beneficiaries of certain social assistance (RSA, ASS ...) are entitled to receive extra help in the month: the Christmas bonus.

The renewal of this premium for the end of 2017 has not yet been announced by the government Macron. As every year, wait until late November - early December to the Minister of Social Affairs formalizes this payment.
The announcement of the payment of Christmas bonus for the month of December 2016 was, for example, particularly late since it was made in the morning of Tuesday, December 13 by the Minister of Social Affairs and Health of the time, Marisol Touraine.

To date, neither Emmanuel Macron, or Edouard Philippe nor his ministers have spoken on the payment of the Christmas bonus in December 2017. But except surprise, aid should be maintained this year.
An announcement that the government would count Macron remove the Christmas bonus this summer circulated on the internet. It was a false information disseminated originally a parody site. No ads for suppressing the Christmas bonus in 2017 was made by the government.


The Christmas bonus affects about 2.5 million French, but not all paid the same amount for the same. The Christmas bonus paid to beneficiaries by the RSA CAF must thus be distinguished from that paid to the other aid beneficiaries by employment center. However, in one case as in the other, no steps should be accomplished by the beneficiaries: they are automatically entitled to payment of the premium through a transfer to their bank account. No Christmas bonus application form should be sent to CAF or employment center.

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The vast majority of beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus are RSA recipients. But the amount of the premium is not the same for all beneficiaries, since it depends on the composition of their homes. The point of this exceptional premium paid by CAF.
If you report to the Agricultural Social Security system, the Christmas bonus will be paid automatically by the MSA as long as you meet the applicable conditions.


Important note: aid is paid only to beneficiaries receiving the RSA for the months of November or December 2017. The persons who receive the premium of activity does not therefore receive, as recipients who begin to touch the RSA that under the January 2018 (with the first installment of the RSA in February).


As in previous years, the amounts of the premium did not increase last year. They should also remain the same in 2017. These figures are included in the following scale.

Household compositionAmount
Only one person152.45 euros
Couple without children or single person with a child 228,67 euros
Couple with a child or single person with two children 274.41 euros
Couple with two children320.14 euros
Single person with three children335.39 euros
Couple with three children381.12 euros
Single with four children396.37 euros
Couple with four children442.10 euros
For each additional person 60,98 euros

Your family allowance fund therefore calculate the amount of your Christmas bonus, taking into account your family situation. One Christmas bonus is paid per household.

The payment of the Christmas bonus should succeed an increase of the monthly RSA in 2018. See as well the amounts of the RSA.

Payment Date

When the Christmas bonus in December 2017 she will be paid?

If the Christmas bonus was renewed in 2017, the date of payment should be approximately the same in 2016.

Last year, and taking into account the bank delays, the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus received their transfer to their account between Thursday 15 and Monday, December 19, 2016. The payment in 2017 should take place in the same period, c that is to say, some days before the dates of the Christmas holidays in 2017.

Accuracy: If you touch the RSA since December 2016, CAF did not pay you the Christmas bonus at the beginning of January 2017. It should be the same this year, RSA beneficiaries as of December 2017 should therefore receive the bonus that from January 2018.

If last year you did not receive the Christmas bonus when you meet the conditions to benefit (or you get a Christmas bonus whose amount is lower than you were entitled to), you must Contact your Caf to know the reasons for non-payment and possibly enforce your rights. The reasons can be many (CIF error, loss of GNI from your bank account, payment terms longer being met, update your failure to take into account family situation, etc.).


Some recipients of RSA capita in the Bouches-du-Rhône (13) can usually benefit from additional Christmas bonus in the form of discount coupons: the view and the Christmas bonus payment conditions paid by the county council . For these recipients, this aid is in addition to the Christmas bonus at national level. The department will presumably extend the device this year.

Other local authorities (Corse-du-Sud, Versailles Puteaux) also pay a Christmas bonus, under conditions and in different forms.

2017 employment center

Usually, the Christmas bonus is also paid to certain recipients not touching the RSA but employment center aids. This payment for beneficiaries of the specific solidarity allowance (ASS), the retirement equivalent allowance (AER), the flat-rate disaster recovery, the transitional prime Solidarity (PTS) and the allocation transitional solidarity (ATS). For these beneficiaries, the criteria for calculating the Christmas bonus is not the same as those applicable to RSA beneficiaries.


For recipients of the Christmas bonus that do not touch the RSA, the amount of the premium is fixed at 152.45 euros. This is a fixed amount: it is not increased by the number of people in the household (unlike the case of RSA beneficiaries).

Payment date

For these beneficiaries, the premium is not paid by CAF but employment center. Last year, the payments of the Christmas bonus by employment center began after December 13.

As for RSA beneficiaries, payments are made automatically as long as you meet the requirements to benefit from the Christmas bonus. No formalities must be completed at the employment center.

However, if you do not receive a transfer from employment center when you meet the requirements to receive this assistance, you must contact your agency employment center to assert your right to the premium.


The amounts of the Christmas bonus will increase over recent years. In 2016, there has been no increase in this assistance amounts remain frozen, as in previous years. A gel that should a priori be continued for Christmas 2017.

Unemployment and disability

If employment center pay the Christmas bonus to beneficiaries of SSA, the EAR and the ATS, however, those afflicting "simple" Basic unemployment allowance (allocation to assist the return to employment (AER)) do not receive any payment. The majority of unemployed compensated by Pôle emploi therefore not receive Christmas bonus (however, the long-term unemployed affecting the RSA can perceive).

It is the same for beneficiaries of the premium business paid by CAF, those of AAH (allowance for disabled adults) or Aspa (eg minimum age) who do not have either the right payment of the Christmas bonus.

single mothers

Previously, the Christmas bonus was awarded to holders of the RMI, jobseekers in the end right perceiving the specific solidarity allowance (ASS) or retirement equivalent allowance (AER). But the single mothers who raise their (s) child (ren) beneficiaries of the Single Parent Allowance were excluded.

Now, the Christmas bonus is paid to all persons receiving the RSA instead of the RMI or the API, thus including single mothers.

false email

Warning: the approach of the date of payment of the Christmas bonus, fraudulent emails may move to try to get the bank details of beneficiaries. These emails are phishing attempts by which the issuer impersonates CAF or employment center. So be extremely careful if you receive such emails in your inbox.

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