Scale of Rates of farmland in 2017

Scale of Rates of farmland in 2017

Each year, the Ministry of Agriculture publishes an indicative scale of prices of agricultural land in each region. It concerns undeveloped land, rented or not, including vines.

The dominant value is the price most often practiced as it was found or estimated.


This scale can naturally serve as a basis for transactions between sellers and buyers, but also serves as an evaluation tool for determining the value of agricultural land in the calculation of the wealth tax (ISF) or succession .


The table of prices of agricultural land in 2016 was published in the Official Gazette of September 2, 2017. It shows the average market value of agricultural land sold in 2016. The next indicative scale on disposals in 2017 will be published in September 2018.


Download the table of agricultural prices in 2016.

dominant value

The table shows both:

  • the minimum and maximum price recorded during the year;
  • the dominant value, which corresponds to the price most frequently charged.

Also the index of rents.
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