Detailed list of rental charges

In bare rentals of main residence, subject to the law of 6 July 1989 the list of recoverable costs the tenant is specified by the Decree of 26 August 1987, updated several times since.

I. - Elevators and hoists.

1. Electricity costs.

2. Operating expenses, routine maintenance, minor repairs:

a) Operations:

- periodic inspection, cleaning and lubrication of the mechanical parts;

- mid-year review and annual audit cables parachutes;
- Annual cleaning of the bowl, the top of the cabin and the machinery;
- Troubleshooting not requiring repairs or parts supplies;
- maintenance of a record by the maintenance company stating the technical visits, events and important developments affecting the device.

b) Supplies for products or the small maintenance equipment (rags, necessary fats and oils) and cabin lighting lamps.

c) minor repairs:
- cab (submit buttons, door hinges, door contacts, automatic door, cabin sliders, threshold safety device and photocell);
- bearings (mechanical door closers, electric or pneumatic, electromechanical locks, door contacts and call buttons);
- of motor brushes and fuses.

II. - Cold water, hot water and central heating local private and public areas.

1. Expenditures:
A cold water and hot tenants or building occupants or all residential buildings concerned;
A water for routine maintenance of the common parts or the said buildings, including the treatment plant;
A water for routine maintenance of outdoor areas;
Expenditure on water consumption include all taxes and fees and the amounts due for the water treatment levy, excluding those for which the owner is compelled pursuant to Article L. 35-5 of the code of public health;

The products necessary for the operation, maintenance and treatment of water;
A electricity;
Fuel or energy supply, whatever its nature.

2. Operating expenses, routine maintenance and minor repairs:
a) Operation and servicing:
- cleaning of nozzles, electrodes, filters and valves of the burners;
- routine maintenance and lubrication relay pumps, gauges, level controllers and motor-pumps and sump pumps groups;
- lubricating valves and faucets and repairing glands;
- bulb replacement of LEDs and bulbs boiler;
- maintenance and adjustment of automatic control devices and their annexes;
- verification and maintenance of dampers;
- adjusting valves, taps and tees not including balancing;
- purging of heating points;
- combustion control costs;
- maintenance of smoke scrubbers;
- A resting operations at the end of heating season, rinsing the heating body and piping, boiler cleaning, including their sumps and siphons, soot boilers, chimneys and fireplaces;
- heating pipe;
- Rental fees for maintenance and survey of general and individual meters;
- maintenance of the softener, the scaler of water, and the booster regulator;
- periodic checks to prevent refrigerant leaks heat pumps;
- checking, cleaning and lubrication of the heat pump bodies;
- Periodic cleaning of the outside of the solar collectors;
- Testing, Cleaning and lubricating the solar collectors organs.

b) Petty repairs in public areas or on items of common use:
- Repair leaks on fittings and joints;
- replacing seals, valves and glands;
- lapping valve seats;
- minor repairs to address the refrigerant leaks heat pumps;
- charging refrigerant heat pump.

III. - Individual installations.
Heating and hot water production, water distribution in the units:

1. common fuel supply expenditures;

2. Operation and routine maintenance, minor repairs:

a) Operation and servicing:
- flow rate and temperature of the hot water;
- verification and adjustment of control apparatus, servo, of thermostat and pump safety;
- troubleshooting;
- control connections and supply of electric water heaters, control of the current consumption;
- status check resistors, thermostats, cleaning;
- adjustment of thermostats and control the water temperature;
- control and repair of sealing connections cold water - hot water;
- control security groups;
- lapping seat valves for faucets;
- setting flushing mechanisms.

b) minor repairs:
- replacement of the bimetal strips, pistons, membranes, water boxes, piezoelectric ignition, valves and seals of gas appliances;
- rinsing and cleaning of the heating body and piping;
- replacing seals, valves and glands of valves;
- replacing seals, floats and accompanying bells flushing.

IV. - Parts interior common to the building or to all residential buildings.

1. Expenditures:
A electricity;
Consumable supplies, including cleaning products, brushes and small equipment assimilated required for maintenance of cleanliness, salt.

2. Operation and routine maintenance, minor repairs:

a) Maintenance of the timer, installation, removal and maintenance of carpets;

b) Petty repairs of cleanliness maintenance devices such qu'aspirateur.

3. cleanliness maintenance (personnel costs).

V. - Outdoor space in the building or set of residential buildings (roads, parking areas, and surrounding green spaces, areas and playground equipment).

1. Expenditures:
A electricity;
A gasoline and oil;
Consumable supplies used in routine maintenance:
light bulbs or light tubes, fertilizers, insecticides and bactericides, products such as seeds, flowers, plants, replacement of plants, with the exception of those used for the repair mass, flowerbeds or hedges.

2. a) Operation and servicing:
cutting, weeding, hoeing, raking, cleaning and watering regarding:
- driveways, parking areas and surroundings;
- the Nature (lawns,, shrubs, hedges, flowerbeds);
- playgrounds;
- basins, fountains, gutters, pipes discharge rainwater;
- horticultural maintenance equipment;
- replacement sand bins and small sets of equipment.

b) painting and minor repairs gardens with benches and playground equipment and fences.

VI. - Hygiene.

1. consumables expenditures:
plastic and paper bags needed for elimination;
Related Products disinfestation and disinfection, including dry column chutes.

2. Operation and servicing:
Maintenance and cesspools of drainage;
Maintenance garbage conditioners.

3. Elimination of releases (personnel costs).

VII. - Other equipment of the building or the entire residential buildings.

1. The power supply needed for mechanical ventilation.

2. Operation and servicing:
Sweeping ventilation ducts;
Maintenance of mechanical ventilation;
Maintenance of automatic opening devices or encoded and intercoms;
Periodic visits with the exception of regulatory safety checks, cleaning and lubricating fixed appliance handling glass facades cleaning cradles.

3. Miscellaneous:
Subscription of telephone sets available to tenants.

VIII. - taxation and royalties.
Lease Law.
Tax or charge of garbage collection.
scanning fee.

The decree of 19 December 2008 amended and clarified the procedures for taking account of staff and custodian fees.

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