What software to film his screen?

Most often is desired videos of its screen to make tutorials or video tutorials that can be found for example on Youtube or whatever, or you want to send a relative to show manipulation to achieve on computer.
A video taken of this type can also be used to film conversations you want to remember (extended family on Skype, and ...)
Here's to you several simple methods to achieve this kind of videos!

Film his screen PC

with Apowersoft

First, the simplest method is to use Apowersoft, which is a free online screen recorder (so it requires no installation!).
You can shoot your entire screen or only a small part, you are free to choose!
Once finished, you can save your video to the format you want, and more importantly with a good quality sound (for those who have a microwave)!

with CamStudio

You can also download the software which also Camstudio premettra you to record your desktop as film.C'est one of the most used solutions, because the software is free and very easy to use.
Warning: this software takes a lot of space on the hard drive and the video it generates can significantly slow down your computer. Also, you can not record audio and video simultaneously.


HyperCam is software that records everything that happens as a video screen in AVI format. The capture of sound is even possible if one has a microphone. Perfect for designing tutorials, and very easy to use.

Plus: You can add written comments on your video.

Screen Recorder Gold

Here is another program to test if you are not satisfied the others mentioned above: Screen Recorder Gold.
Its uniqueness is that it will offer a high quality of image.Il also has an integrated mini player to check the quality of your video, and also nice visual effects to make your arrangements.

Film his screen on Mac

One solution is to go through Quicktime Player:
You make File