temporary waiting allowance: amount in 2017


Decree No. 2017-826 of May 5, 2017 abolished the temporary waiting allowance at September 1, 2017. Since that date, those who benefited from this assistance can now access in more favorable conditions, the RSA, the youth guarantee or accompanying path contracted to work and to autonomy (Pacea).


In 2017, the amount of the ATA (temporary waiting allowance) was set at 11.49 euros per day or 344.70 euros for a 30-day month. This amount was applicable since April 2017.


The temporary waiting allowance is a subsidy from the employment center for certain foreign nationals, asylum seekers, former prisoners awaiting reintegration or expatriate employees not covered by the unemployment insurance scheme. The duration of this payment differed types of beneficiaries. The applicant must demonstrate a lower level of resources to the amount of the base RSA corresponding to the composition of his home.
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