Drive Control: the documents to be presented

November 2017

When driving, the police may ask you to stop your vehicle to carry out a check. As such, they will ask you to present them several documents ..

Required Documents

  • Driving license ;
  • the grey card ;
  • the insurance certificate.

It is important to always keep the papers in the vehicle when driving as the no-show of one of these documents makes you liable to a fine. This is:

  • 11 euros to 33 euros if you justify the possession of documents from a police or gendarmerie within 5 days
  • 90 euros to 375 euros if you do not justify possession of this within the time limit.

Moreover, the police or gendarmerie may also check that are affixed to the windshield of the vehicle:

  • the insurance certificate valid, if you will be exposed to a fine of 35 euros (possibly minus 22 euros plus 75 euros);
  • thumbnail technical control when the vehicle has more than 4 years. Failing sticker and if you can not present to the police a document proving the technical control, you will face a fine of 135 euros (possibly minus 90 euros plus 375 euros).

Pert or theft of papers

Note that in case of loss or theft of documents, should be made a declaration to the police or gendarmerie. They will hand you a certificate allowing you to travel for a month if the loss or theft concerning your registration card, and for two months if the facts about your driving license.
Since 1 March 2013, the police can also check that your vehicle is equipped with a breathalyser.

Refusal driver

During an inspection, the driver is required to submit to a number of requests from law enforcement. Various sanctions are applicable in case of non-compliance with these rules.

When the driver did not stop despite warning, he commits a refusal to comply can be punished with a withdrawal of 6 points on his driving license as well as 3 months imprisonment and fine of 3750 € . To ask the driver to stop, the official or officer report infringements must be equipped with external and visible insignia of quality.

If the driver stops but refuses to submit to the checks prescribed for the vehicle or person, it is also exposed to 3 months' imprisonment, to € 3750 fine and a reduction of 6 points on his permit.

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