Windows – Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

Your keyboard keys are reversed? This is probably a tipping-related reversal of the QWERTY keyboard (French keyboard) QWERTY (US keyboard).

Windows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

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If it is a laptop, the problem may also be related to the function key. To remedy consult the following trick:

-Key locked function

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How to place a QWERTY keyboard to a QWERTY keyboard (or vice versa) on Windows 2000, XP or Vista?

If your regional settings include English and French languages, you can quickly switch QWERTY mode (NDC1: English keyboard) to the QWERTY fashion (NDC1: French keyboard).

To do this, simply use one of these key combinations:

-Shift + Alt Gr

-Shift + Alt

-Alt + Shift (in this order)

Each use of this combination, you switch from one mode to another.

However, if you want to avoid switching from one mode to another by mishandling, it is possible to disable this option:

In Windows 2000 / XP

-Start -> Control Panel -> Regional Options / Date, Time, Language -> Then Regional and Language OptionsWindows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

-Select the tab languages, and click Details. Windows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

-Select the keyboard type of IN, and make Delete.Windows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

-Now you only have the QWERTY keyboard.

In Vista / Windows 7

For Vista:

-Start -> Control Panel -> Then Regional and Language Options
For Windows 7

-Start -> Control Panel -> Then region and language
Windows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

-Select the tab Keyboards and Languages, then click Change keyboardsWindows - Switch QWERTY / AZERTY

-Select the keyboard type of IN, and make Delete.


And if you want to change the input method, you can turn to the ergonomic layout bépo, specially designed for the French and respecting typographical rules.

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