Change the address of the vehicle registration online

Change the address of the vehicle registration online

The change of the address of the car registration of a vehicle is required if you move. Here's how to do this step quickly.

When moving, the address of your new home must be listed on the registration of your vehicle within a month. Failing to address change past the deadline, you risk a fine of 135 euros in case of police control or gendarmerie.

The formalities must be completed via the Internet.

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Online Website

To apply online, you must first register by creating a free account on the website of the National Agency of secure documents (ANTS).

Process to follow

Once connected, you must click on the approach "I change the address on my vehicle registration".

You must then fill out a form. The online application process takes about 15 minutes.

You will be required to transmit a digital copy (photograph or scan) of address paperwork stating your new address.


When processing your file is complete, you will receive the label to be affixed on your registration certificate by mail to your home.

The deadline for sending your label is about one week. You can follow the progress of your application online.

The label is sent to you as a secure fold, that is to say a letter delivered against signature. In case of absence during the postman, you must go to the station with your identity card to collect your mail.

The label must be affixed to the location of your old address, category C3.
These requirements relate to changes of address for registration numbers to AB 123 CD format. If your car is still registered under the old format 123 AB 01, your change of address request will cause a new registration and sending a new registration.


The label application process is free.

However, past your third request (so from your 4th change of address), you must obtain a new registration certificate you must pay the delivery cost of 2.76 euros.
If your license plate passes from the old format 123 AB 01 the current format AB 123 CD, you will be the cost from your first request.

in prefecture

You can also make a change of address request by writing directly to the prefectural services. But you must first inquire at the prefecture (on its website or by telephone) to know the procedure and what to do.
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