What documents to sell a car?

The list of administrative documents required when you sell your car includes various supporting documents. Here are the formalities to be observed.

Upon a sale, the keys of the vehicle to the purchaser must be accompanied by a number of documents which are listed below.
What documents to sell a car?

Declaration of transfer

When selling your vehicle, you must complete the 15776 cerfa assignment statement. The complete version of this form can be downloaded online.

What documents to sell a car? Download 15776 cerfa online.

This document is filled in two copies: one for the buyer and one for the seller.

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Car registration

You must provide the registration certificate (or "gray card") Of the vehicle to the buyer.

If it is the former gray card model (without detachable coupon), the certificate must included the words "sold" or "ceded" followed by the date and time of vehicle sale and your signature.

If this is the new model (with detachable coupon), you must complete the top of the certificate marked "sold" or "ceded" and then enter the date and time of the sale followed your signature . You must also complete the detachable coupon mentioning the details of the buyer and the date of sale and the signing. This coupon must be delivered to the buyer: it will allow it to circulate for up to one month, until the receipt of the registration certificate after his gray card application (to its request, the buyer must when with him download the registration certificate application form).
If after moving, the address on your registration certificate is not good, you must change the address on the registration card before the completion of the sale. See how well the change of address online registration.

It is the buyer to proceed further in the gray card change, addressing the prefecture. The seller has no cost to spend (see the price of a gray card).

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Certificate of non pledge

You must provide the buyer with a certificate of administrative situation, called "certificate of no guarantee." View and how to obtain a certificate of non-aging.

Technical control

Last document attached: proof of the technical inspection of the vehicle. This receipt is mandatory when your vehicle has more than 4 years and is not relieved of the technical inspection. The technical control must be less than 6 months, or less than 2 months in the case against a business-has been prescribed by the garage.

missing piece

The seller must give the seller all the documents listed above. If one of them is missing, the buyer should not pay any money (especially in liquid!), Even if the seller promises to give him the missing piece later. If the seller still requires a payment, it's suspicious attitude that should arouse suspicion of the purchaser.

Declare sale

Within 15 days after the transaction, you must inform the administration of the sale. To do this, you must go through the website of the National Agency of secure documents (ANTS). You need :

  • opening an account ;
  • click approach "I declare an assignment" ;
  • complete the requested information on the purchaser.

Code assignment

Once your assignment statement completed online, you will get a code assignment that you must provide to the buyer so that he can apply for online registration.


Do not forget to cancel your auto insurance policy from the date of the assignment of the vehicle becomes effective. To do this, you must send a cancellation letter for selling your car insurance.

Vehicle insurance will be suspended from the date of sale at midnight. In order not to drive without insurance, then it will be the buyer to ensure the vehicle (see so buying a used car and temporary insurance).

Check and payment method

In practice, used car salesmen ask to be paid by cashier's check. This payment should not be confused with the check "classical". This is a check issued by a bank on behalf of the seller, on behalf of his client (the buyer). This process allows the seller to be sure not to be paid with a bad check and the funds will therefore be well credited to his bank account.

Nothing prohibits the seller to accept other payment methods, including bank transfer. But it is not chosen in practice because of the time limit, usually 2 days. This presupposes that the payment is made before or after the sale and delivery of keys to the vehicle, and thus a relationship of trust between buyer and seller.

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