Mageia: Install and play Minecraft

Here is how to install Minecraft under Mageia Linux.


Mageia: Install and play Minecraft


Mageia: Install and play MinecraftMinecraft is a sandbox indie game types (free sandbox construction) developed by Markus Persson

The game immerses players in a world created dynamically composed of blocks representative of various materials from the earth, sand, stone, water, trees, animals, etc. The basic concept is that the player can change the world at will by adding or removing cubes and trying to survive as long as possible, allowing him to build buildings with great freedom, reminding Lego game creation .

One of the great interest of the game lies in the dynamic creation of the world: each card is randomly generated as and as the player moves. However the scenery is coherent and composed of several biomes (forest, grassland, desert, jungle, tundra, taiga and eventually swamp and even giant mushrooms). A given card can become very large over of his generation, to the equivalent of 8 times the size of Earth. You can play alone in a dynamically generated map, or multiplayer on an existing server or created for the occasion.

Minecraft has currently five different game modes: the classic version the survival release, the creative version hardcore version appeared in the 1.0.0 update (the game is currently at version 1.4.6 ), and finally appeared in Adventure Mode version 12w22a development. In all modes (except hardcore and adventure) Minecraft is available on iPod touch and iPad for 5.99 euros and on Xbox360 and Android.



  • Mageia update
  • Root Password
  • Openjdk or Java installed
  • A working Internet connection
  • Having a Minecraft account (free registration)


From Mageia 3, Java (Oracle) is no longer available in the repositories only java-x.x.x-openjdk (Xxx is the version).
You may well try OpenJDK with Minecraft otherwise try Oracle Java.


We start by downloading the game:

This is a small archive .jar.
To facilitate access to the game we will save it in a folder in your / home naming the ".Minecraft".
This will give the path "/home/$USER/.minecraft/" (Note that the front mark means that this is a hidden folder and it is also the default for saving game data)

You must make your Minecraft executable by right button -> property :
Mageia: Install and play Minecraft

Java (optional)

Openjdk (or open-java) is usually installed by default and offers very decent performance.
However in case of trouble, you can install the proprietary version at:

Download the RPM:
  • Linux RPM to 32bits
  • Linux x64 RPM to 64bits

Once finished the run and install:
Mageia: Install and play Minecraft

Restart the computer

Starting the game

To start the game simply type the following command in the terminal:

cd /home/$USER/.minecraft; java -jar minecraft.jarMageia: Install and play Minecraft

You can create a shortcut to start the game very simply.
Create a text file on your desktop and named the ""
  • Edit the text file
  • Paste this:

#! / Bin / bash
cd /home/$USER/.minecraft; java -jar minecraft.jar
  • Then make the executable file (see above by going to its properties) and double click to launch!

Resolving bugs

Several bugs are known such as Minecraft "Done Loading" blocked or the "Black Screen".
To avoid this, we'll download and install LWJGL.

You will get information here:
Downloads latest version directly here:

After downloading the compressed folder, you'll have to copy some files in our Minecraft folder:

Reminder folder:

-> minecraft.jar
You will see a folder bin and subfolder natives (If they are not, you can create them manually)

/home/$USER/.minecraft/bin/nativesMageia: Install and play Minecraft

We will copy one party content LWJGL (In my case the 2.8.5 version) in our Minecraft folder.
First here is the tree:

Mageia: Install and play Minecraft

Only records Jar and Native / Linux us interested, they will be copied as follows:

content jar => in bin
content native / linux => natives
This will give us:
Mageia: Install and play Minecraft

That ouff is over 🙂
Restart the game and it should work correctly
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