Family allowances 2017: amount and conditions

The amount of monthly child allowance and the increase and the conditions required by the CAF.

The amounts of family allowances has been slightly increased on April 1, 2017. The following amounts 2017 family allowances since then and recall modulation rules based on income in place since 1 July 2015.
Family allowances 2017: amount and conditions


The amount of the allowance varies depending on the number of dependent children. You must have at least two children to receive family allowances. If you only have one child, you can still benefit from the basic allocation of resources paje under certain conditions and up to 3 years of your child.
This rule is applicable in France. If you live in the DOM, you can receive family benefits from the 1st child.

In principle, the Caf automatically pays you your family allowances since you reported to him the birth of your second child. So you have no steps to do once you have reported the birth of your child at Caf. However, if you are not a recipient of the Caf, you can access online status declaration form (cerfa 11423) to send to CAF to apply for family benefits.

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Allowance for two children

The following amounts are those paid by CAF after DRES.

Families with two children can receive a monthly family allowance of 129.86 euros.

Allowance for three children

With three children, the family allowance is increased to 296.24 euros.

Allowance for four children and more

Family allowances for four or more children are:

  • 4 dependent children 462.62 euros;
  • per child in addition: 166.38 euros.


In addition to the amount of benefits you can receive a premium of 64.93 euros if your family includes a child over 14 years. This surcharge is applicable for each child 14 years or more.

With one exception: the increase is not due if a child of 14 or over is the eldest in a family of two children.


  • for a family of 3 children with respectively 19, 16 and 14 years, the increase will be equal to 3 X 64.93 euros. The total amount of family allowances received by the household will be to 296.24 euros + (64.93 euros x 3) = 491.03 euros.
  • for a family of 4 children with respectively 17, 15, 12 and 10 years, the increase will be valid only for the first two children (over 14 years). So the family will receive 462.62 euros + 64.93 euros X 2 = 592.48 euros.

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temporary fixed allowance

A child is counted as a dependent child reaches the age of 20 years. However, the family can enjoy a temporary fixed allowance if three conditions are met:
1. the child remains in the family home,
2. he does not perceive a higher earned income to 898.83 euros
3. the family had at least three dependent children in the month before his 20th birthday.

The amount of the provisional lump sum of 82.11 euros between the 20th and the 21st birthday of the child.


Family allowances are subject to the CRDS. The amounts above are therefore net amounts. It was therefore subtracted 0.5% to the gross amount. However, allowances are exempt from CSG.


Since 2015, the family allowance may be adjusted depending on family resources. The above mentioned figures are those applicable to families whose incomes do not exceed a certain limit. For others (families "high income") The amount of the allowance may be divided by two or four depending on household income.
Conversely, families with 3 or more children whose income does not exceed a certain level of resources can benefit the family supplement in addition to their benefits.

Sharing and alternating custody

If recipients parents separate or divorce and the children find themselves alternating custody, the family allowances paid by CAF can be shared between both parents. See and that affects family allowances in case of alternating custody.

Resource Limits

To know the schedule of income ceilings for family benefits, visit the resource ceilings family allowances. These conditions are in force since July 2015.


The amounts of family benefits in 2017 above are those applicable since 1 April 2017, when they were very slightly compared to the previous month (+ 0.3%).

These amounts will normally apply at least until 1 April 2018, when the family allowance could be increased again.

Payment Date

CAF pays the allowances at the beginning of the month following the one for which the aid is paid. Example: allowances due for the month of April, the transfer of the Caf take place in early May.

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