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Getting your website on Bing In a few months, the Bing search engine will generate over 30% of the results of searches by keywords across all engines: a mechanical effect resulting from the alliance between Yahoo! - Microsoft and Bing will soon be the main competitor to Google. A development that does not go unnoticed, and forcing webmasters, professional bloggers and corporate websites administrators to address the specific SEO techniques Microsoft search engine. If there are many similarities with the indexing rules on Google, Bing also has some peculiarities. Here is a mini-guide of things to look for cure his ranking on Bing.

Search engine optimization on Bing: basic tips

Bing joined Google in outline, regarding the basic rules of SEO websites. In his "Tool Box", Microsoft's search engine reminds some fundamental and recommends:

- To use the title tags (Titles) relevant and unique on all web pages (they must contain the keywords that reflect the content of the page)
- To make a brief description of the content via meta-tags or meta-tags
- Optimize tags "Headers" in content, particularly by treating the H1 level
- To mesh its content with internal navigation links
- Provide an XML sitemap
- Create Robots.txt files

The URL format

Bing recommends to compose as simple as possible URL: the engine is thus based on user experience: just a short URL is easy to remember and put in your favorites, and it will be easier to be indexed by Bing an extension to URL.

URLs must be stable: Bing penalizes address redirects, and does not record incoming links deciduous addresses redirected, which affects indexing pages to the modified URL.

Distribution / Layout content

- Bing recommends to thematize its content on the principle "one topic per page". Web page without pictures should not exceed 150 KB.

- matter of logic, if you want to reference its contact data (eg for companies), must ensure that they appear verbatim on the web page, in addition to the image or logo that could the broadcast.

- Submit a site map (sitemap) is essential to help SEO web pages: especially if your site contains links embedded on the menu that are not accessible by MSNBot. See here to submit a Sitemap.

- The site must not contain too many tree levels: Bing recommends that each web page is at most three clicks of the homepage.

The incoming and outgoing links

Inbound links: Bing said that the acquisition of incoming links from authority is a key referencing the engine. Quality backlinks is essential. For this, referring websites must have a good reputation (page rank) and a related theme to its own content (relevance).

Outbound links: the same rule applies to outbound links. Bing recommends the inclusion of quality links: the more they will be followed, plus the associated content is deemed relevant, which will improve the site's SEO.

Three mistakes not to commit

Just like Google, Bing does not like "cheaters" SEO: whether to copy and paste content (duplicate content) or saturate a web page keywords, the penalty is the same from the perspective of site indexing: risk see the Page Rank regress see being banned from the results of the engine is very real.

Bing also recommends avoiding the following three lines:

- Increase artificially the textual content of a page with irrelevant keywords: including over-exploiting the ALT attribute in its web pages, to drag keywords that do not reflect the content of these.
- Use words and invisible links
- Using the technique called "Link farming"By which some SEOs generate automatically or manually (at least artificially) links to their website to improve the Page Rank.

Official recommendations Bing Webmaster

In November 2012, Bing released its official recommendations to webmasters.

These "content guidelines" provide a set of official recommendations to improve the visibility of web pages on Bing:

They address different criteria:
  • Technical (robots.txt file, page load time, tags, sitemap, etc.)
  • content optimization (site structure, internal and external links, anchors, how to facilitate the exploration of robots).
  • Strategy netlinking
  • They also point the SEO techniques to avoid (cloaking), and provide guidance on the integration of structured data on a website.

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