Word – Create a text box A to Z

November 2017

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Create a text box A to Z

If no suitable model in the list of predefined formats, you need to draw and define all the characteristics of your text box:

1. In the Insert ribbon, click Text Box and click the option Draw a text box displayed in the list of predefined formats.
2. The mouse pointer changes to a cross. Click the document and drag the mouse diagonally to draw the text box. Do not be too specific to boot, it will be easier to resize its contents.
3.Cliquez in the text box and enter text.

Once the text box is drawn and completed his text, you can resize and choose all the formatting options:

Edge and filling

To color the text box, you once again choose from a list of predefined formats in the Styles group text boxes tape format, or layouts tools "by hand".
Word - Create a text box A to Z

Click the triangle of the style gallery to choose the one you want to apply to your text box. If no style you like, click on:
  • Fill the form to choose a background color. By clicking on a colored square, you apply a solid background in that color. Clicking No Fill, your text box becomes transparent. Clicking Gradient or texture, you get a list of degraded or textures and you click one who suits you. Click Image to display an image in the background.
    • Shape Outline to choose the style of coaching. Choose Without outline if you do not want visible border or click on a colored square to select the color of the border. Thickness optionally click to choose a different thickness of the edge and Dashes choose a more original frame pattern.
    • Effects on the form to list the effects and nuances of each effect. Drag the pointer over the different proposals to see the result on the text box and click on the one you choose to apply. Examples of effects on text box:

Word - Create a text box A to Z

Text Style

The next group of ribbon Drawing Tools Format regarding the formatting of the text:
Word - Create a text box A to Z

The Quick Styles left and tools Fill, Outline and Text Effects to function as the document text.

Text Direction

If you want to orient vertically the text, click in the text box and Text Direction and choose Rotate all the text of 90 ° or Rotate all text 270 °.
Word - Create a text box A to Z

Align text

This tool will change the position of the text relative to the upper and lower edges of the text box. Choose one of three options.
  • Linking text boxes: linking two areas together, started the text in one will continue in the other. Start by creating the two areas and begin filling the first. Also in the tape format Drawing Tools, click Create Link. The pointer changes jug overflowing. Just click on the text box to link to the first. Immediately, the text that "overflows" in the first is transferred to the second.

Word - Create a text box A to Z

The last part of the Drawing Tools to the right of the ribbon (Position, Returning to the line, etc.) for the behavior of the text box to the text and they are used exactly as for images (see the beginning of chapter) .

The original of this factsheet is an excerpt from
"All for good use Word 2010" (Christine EBERHARDT Collection CommentCaMarche.net, Dunod, 2010)

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