Play Pokemon on Android

Play Pokemon on AndroidThe Pokémon game is only available on Game Boy or Nintendo DS. To play it on your Android tablet or smartphone, you'll have to install an emulator. Prefer a Gameboy emulator, which will be lighter and will have a suitable interface and easy to play on your Android device.
Here is how to install a Gameboy emulator on your device and play Pokémon.

Find an emulator on the Play Store

You can, by logging into the Google Play store from your device, download many emulator. One we will offer you is best noted from the site:
This is the Gameboy Advance emulator My Boy!
After that, you are free to choose which one you would agree the best among the list of those that will be offered.

Find ROM files

ROM files are data files of all the games of your choice that you want to play. To play the famous Pokemon game, it will take you.
Many sites offer you to download, simply type GBA ROM on Google, and you can choose.
Among the top choices:
CoolRom or RomStation
Look for the ROM file on Pokemon Gameboy Advance your choice (and there are many!)
Download the version of your choice from the list.

Start playing

You now have all the cards ....
Open your emulator and find the ROM file to your game through it. According to the emulator, you can find it either by folder or by searching for it by name, so memorize the name of the folder where you saved it!
Open the ROM once it found, and start playing!

Tip: How to save the battery of your phone when you play

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