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luminance HDR

share your opinionPublisher:Giuseppe Rota version:2.4.0 (latest version) luminance HDR Download Download Freeware (10.51 MB) Linux, English luminance HDR is a program that brings together all the essential tools to process the images. This software has an intuitive graphical interface that provides great ease its grip.

luminance HDR

key features

  • Import: besides the HDR format on Linux, this program also supports RAW image files, jpeg or tiff. This facilitates importing photos to convert after modification in HDR format.
  • Treatment: integrating a method of treatment HDR, this software improves graphics quality pictures. For HDRI rendering, the user will be allowed to merge several images at once. This tool gives the possibility thereto to adjust the degree of light intensity during these adjustments.
  • Edition: luminance HDR also consists of essential customization tools for photography. With this software, users will have available simple tools to rotate the images or resize them.
  • Registration: every photo uploaded to its platform editing can be saved in various formats. The user will be able to store its images choosing from the jpeg, tiff or raw.


  • luminance HDR is a free downloadable utility.


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