File a patent – What price?

The filing of a patent with the INPI has a cost. The applicant must indeed pay filing fees, the total price is the sum of the following amounts.


The following amounts are base prices. A 50% reduction of the principal charges to be granted to natural persons (individuals) as well as companies with less than 1,000 employees.

Patent filing

A fee of 36 euros must be paid the day of filing or the month following it. This price includes the first installment.

Research Report

Another fee, corresponding to the price of the research report, to be paid upon filing or within one month of the latter. The amount is 520 euros.


At the time of grant, a fee of 90 euros must be paid by the applicant.


Beyond the 10th claim (text drawn on paper which precisely defines the protection you need.), You will pay $ 42 euros per claim.
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