Installing Windows XP

Installing Windows XPThis section of the Knowledge Base describes the step-by-step installation of Windows XP Pro from an installation CD.

Warning: brand computers are generally not affected by this system because the system is only available on a recovery partition or on a master provided on a CD / DVD to share. The system is automatically reinstalled with the manufacturer's factory settings and applications specific to the brand.

Boot from CD-ROM

To start a Windows XP installation, simply insert the installation CD into the drive and let the computer boot from the CD. To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the boot sequence in the BIOS setup is configured in such a way to start a priority on the CD. These links can help you to the BIOS setup:
  • Access the setup Bios
  • BIOS usual commands
  • Change the order of boot devices

In the message, press any key to start the installation.Installing Windows XP

If you have a Serial ATA drive, it is advisable to bring along the disk containing the Serial ATA driver from your motherboard, then press F6 to enable Windows to recognize SATA drives:
Installing Windows XP
For more information, look here: Install Windows XP on a SATA drive


  • At the prompt, press the Enter key to continue the installation:Installing Windows XP
  • Press on F8 to accept the terms of the Microsoft Windows license agreement:

Installing Windows XP
  • Select the partition on which to install Windows. NB: It is possible to partition the space using the C key to create a partition or S to remove one, but whatever happens, data on the disk will be destroyed if you use one of these two functions !

Installing Windows XP
  • If the disc is blank, Windows will prompt you to format the partition. If there is a new drive, opt for a classic format, or you can use the quick format:

Installing Windows XP
  • Wait until formatting:

Installing Windows XP
  • Windows then proceeds to copy the installation files:Installing Windows XP
  • Then Windows inspects the hardware configuration to install the most appropriate drivers:Installing Windows XP


At the end of the installation from the CD, Windows automatically restarts. Be careful not to remove the CD-ROM drive, do not press any key as requested, let the PC boot normally.Installing Windows XP

In subsequent phases, for most users, just check the default settings and validate:
  • Windows Setup Installing Windows XP
  • Adjusting the date and the system timeInstalling Windows XP
  • Entering the serial numberInstalling Windows XP
  • Enter the computer name and administrator password: Installing Windows XP
  • customization:Installing Windows XP
  • regional optionsInstalling Windows XP
  • Working Group (it is a name that identifies the network formed by the Windows machines on the local network to enable the sharing of files and printers)Installing Windows XP
  • Network settings (you can edit them later from the Windows interface, after installing your drivers) Installing Windows XP
  • Activation parametersInstalling Windows XP

Welcome Screen

Windows XP Professional is now installed and ready to use! It remains only to install the latest versions of your device drivers.
Installing Windows XP
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